Yoga Challenges & A Weight Loss Article

How is everyone's Tuesday going?Over here, we're getting deeper into our house hunt. I fee like we're getting closer and closer to finding a house that fits our requirements (lots of sunlight and a decent kitchen), is in a good neighborhood, and fits our budget. I do believe that one day in the near future, the stars will align in our favor :)...more

Nurturing Your Wrists During Exercise

It's a common feeling, I think everyone has experienced this at some point during their practice, the god awful: Wrist pain....more

The Message of Yoga

Oh, yoga. What can I say? I’ll say it in the words of Savage Garden: “I knew I loved you before I met you”. As cheesy as it sounds, the lyrics of that song pretty much describe my relationship with yoga to a tee. I know, I know, anyone not into yoga reading this will probably be puking their guts out by now… But please hear me out....more

Yoga and Groaning Don't Mix

In my effort to quell my midlife crisis, I started taking yoga for its meditative, restorative, and re-energizing qualities. I took an intro course with an awesome instructor to get myself reacquainted with the mat, the poses, and settling my mind for a while, then signed up for classes. I painted my toenails, pulled on my best pair of yoga paints and my favorite tank top, found my mat, and took a deep breath....more

How-To Tuesday: Starting Your Own Yoga Practice

Gooooood morning everyone!! :) (Image Credit)...more

Sciatica + Yoga = Amazing

Lately, I've been having a lot of sciatica pain. For anyone who's had this, you know that what I'm talking about. It's pretty severe and hurts if you stand too long, walk too long, sit too long...basically anything. Last night I had finally had enough. I turned to my trusty iPad and Googled, stretches for lower back pain. I stumbled upon a great website and thought I'd just had to share!...more

DIY Yoga Cards

5 Yoga Poses to Make You Feel Sexy for Valentine's Day

Hot yoga isn't the only way to warm things up for Valentine's Day. Yoga at any temperature can heighten your senses and deeply intertwine your body and mind. A sexy body can be just 5 poses away. ...more
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