Can your marriage stand on one leg?

I am a flamingo. I am standing perfectly still in flamingo pose with one foot firmly rooted to the ground and the other balanced away from my body. I breathe in. I breathe out. I am calm and pleased by my ability to stay so centered. ...more

Aerial Yoga: A Fun and Uplifting Experience

For a truly unique fitness experience, try an aerial yoga class — stretching and posing using long fabric slings suspended from the ceiling as supports....more

freakin. awesome. yoga

Sorry that I've been MIA the last week. I was prepping for a garage sale at my house and wow, I didn't realize how much work it was going to be!! However, we got rid of so much stuff and I made quite a bit of money just in time for Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale.   The end of a very tiring week was perfect because I had plans with two friends to attend Soul Pose on Sunday morning. It turned out to be just like the organizers said it would: Freakin. Awesome. Yoga....more

Why I love Yoga more than chocolate cupcakes?

“Sometimes it’s the smallest decision that can change your life forever” – Keri RussellLast Sunday, I went to the newly opened shopping mall, just in front of my house. It had some of the best collection of jumpsuits I had ever seen in all of my 25 years of life. I was super excited. It was the opening, so there were a lot of discounts like: “3 for price of 2”“50% off for the first purchase”“Buy now, get yearly discount”...more
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How to "Wake-Up" Your Inner Oracle: The 3 Step Process for Finding Answers to Your Big Questions


Yoga for Strength and Balance

Each semester in my Slow Flow Yoga class at New Mexico Tech, we work for weeks learning individual poses in depth and developing the skills for a breath-supported yoga sequence that culminates our semester's experience together.  This particular flow included great hip openers, core strengtheners and focus builders.    Check it out for a great challenge!...more

Learn yoga in French!

Are you a yogi? If so, meditate on these new vocabulary tips during your next class!In French, we say “studio de yoga” (yoga studio) and we call the yoga teacher “prof de yoga.”Marcus est un bon prof de yoga. – Marcus is a good yoga teacher.Le studio de yoga est à Soho. – The yoga studio is in Soho....more

Taking the Challenge

People challenge themselves in many different ways. Some jump off cliffs, sky dive, or run marathons. Others continue their educations and receive doctorates, work their asses off at work to be promoted, or work full time while spending all their free time volunteering. All of these are great. I am a big believer in a challenge.I wish I trusted a parachute enough to sky dive. I wish I had the endurance to run a marathon. Since I don’t have those things, I challenge myself in other ways. I challenge myself mentally instead of physically. ...more

My First Yoga Experience

Back in December I took my first-ever (and second-ever) yoga class.  I have always been hesitant to take a yoga class, not because I didn’t think it would be a great experience, but because the only yoga I’d ever heard about involved a lot of chanting, “om-ing,” (which, to me, just sounded like a lot of people humming together - not really w...more