The Physical and Emotional Benefits of Yoga

I don’t consider myself to be a major “yogi”, but taking a weekly yoga class over the past year has taught me about the undeniable benefits a regular practice can bring about. Stretching, breathing, and contemplative thought all work in harmony to calm and emotionally nourish me....more

Mindful Meditation

Mindful meditation has been practiced for many centuries and just recently people have gained light about how to meditate through the popular form of yoga. The wonderful thing about mediation is that you don’t have to go through the whole practice of yoga; you can meditate on your own whenever and wherever. Meditation is a practice, and with practice, you will be able to gain the benefits meditation has to offer and appreciate the journey of finding your center. Here is a great tutorial on how to properly meditate....more


Drop off at school. Walk the kiddos to their cubbies. Lunches packed, kisses for the day. So far, so good. Stroll outside, chatting with a good friend, and stop next to my parked car. That's when things shift from pretty typical morning to pretty WHAT?!! I watch as the dude parked in front of me backs up and gives my car a real good bump....more

Who needs BuzzFeed when you have BuzzBrain?

I am awake and getting ready for my day. Only, I am not just getting ready for my day. I am thinking about a project at work, and if my son has any homework he needs to bring in, and if we are out of milk, and what today's blog post will be about, and the fact I can't seem to catch up on my podcast, and did I just shampoo my hair twice because I wasn't paying attention? and, what am I making for dinner tonight, and...a host of other things....more

Calorie Killer Yoga with Colleen Saidman

Jennifer Vido...more

Tea Time! - Youtube Yoga

Tea Time! - This week I'm discussing Youtube Yoga! ...more

Friday Wrap-Up

Yoga is going well. The flexibility is coming back sooner then thought it would. Muscle memory, I guess. I will continue to make time for it because it can't hurt and I feel that it's helping. Here's to hoping that I keep it up!...more

The Invisible Knapsack

A couple of days ago a woman named Jen Carson wrote an article for xoJane entitled “There Are No Black People In My Yoga Classes And I'm Suddenly Feeling Uncomfortable With It”. Judging by the shitstorm it created, the author sinned against humanity when she wrote:...more
LunaFCSI also feel bad that I, by the simple act of being there, put an onus of non-scare on the ...more

Spa Treatment

Daily Prompt: Your Days are Numbered and NaBloPoMo ~ January 26, 2014 Daily Prompt: Your Days are Numbered by michelle w. on January 26, 2014...more

The Yoga...Experience

Problem:So this is the new year, and you don't feel any different. So how do you actually reinvigorate your life without burning yourself out? My suggestion is to try only one or two new things at a time, and make sure those things are for  you. You can do other new things for your kids and your family, but have a few just for you. And introduce them slowly, so that you don't feel guilty or selfish (which you shouldn't anyway, but I know you) for doing them.Solution:...more