3 Ways meditation can actually change your life

I've always been a "show-me-the-evidence" sort of person, which makes something like meditation (and its effects on the brain) hard to comprehend. But when I read this article - especially the part about the neurologist who is also a mom dealing with similar doubts - I was intrigued:http://www.foxnews.com/health/2013/02/11/exercising-your-brain-may-impro...The highlights of the article are that:- even shortly before death, the brain has neuroplasticity (the ability to change)...more

Finding My Peace

I'll admit, for the last 29 years I have not been so kind to myself. This year, I turn 30 and have turned over a new leaf in my quest to be healthy (and that's not just the physical, it's the mental, too). ...more

Yoga Inspired

I have recently started getting into yoga and I am falling in love with it.  I used think yoga was easy- all about breathing and stretching, and not a workout at all.  I was used to running, lifting weights and more cardio types of workouts.  How could yoga get my heat rate that high?  I couldn't have been more wrong, and I am so happy I gave it a chance....more

Yoga and the Practice of Letting Go

I started taking yoga classes this past summer. I took a few months off while my instructor found a new location and readjusted her schedule, but got back into the swing of things last Saturday.There are numerous health benefits associated with yoga and everyone has different goals for themselves while practicing it. At the beginning of every session, the instructor asks us to set an intention for the class. This is something we keep to ourselves and reflect on....more

Why I Love Yoga

I took my first yoga class as a graduate student in 2005 and continued to practice haphazardly in the following years. Two months ago I began to practice on a regular basis. Going to 3 or 4 classes a week and practicing at home with a dvd. Over the past two months I've felt myself get stronger and my knowledge of poses has increased. I'm am now practicing almost 6 days a week, 4 times in a class and 2 days at home. I have come to love yoga. ...more
I love yoga, after a session i feel great, especially since i got new yoga pants ...more

Grateful Monday: What Activates You?

What Activates You?*Welcome to the first Grateful Monday post of 2013! It is officially a day late, as today is Tuesday, but the entire holiday season threw off the schedule over here at PP headquarters!I like this question for starting out the new year. What Activates You? I am feeling activated by a number of new commitments that have come as a result of getting depleted by the end of the 'Old Year' and reassessing as the 'New Year' approached....more

"I can't do yoga" and other lies people tell me

I honestly can’t tell you how many times I’ve had this conversation:Person I Just Met: So, what do you do?Me: I’m a yoga teacher.Person I Just Met: Oh, neat! Where do you teach?Me: Right now I’m mostly just subbing, but I teach a regular weekly class at [local studio]. You should come!Person I Just Met: Oh, um, yeah, maybe. We’ll see!Me: It’s pay-what-you-can and all levels. I would love to have you!Person I Just Met:  I can’t do yoga. I’m just really not flexible. Sorry!...more

Leaving Room for Maybe

Monday: Namaste and Blog Updates

Monday was an "active rest" day.  This meant that while I wanted to move, I knew that running and biking were probably not a great idea.  So I dug out the Yoga for Athletes DVD and looked at what it had to offer for "recovery".  Not much was that it offered.  I spent about half of the recovery program in Corpse pose.  Which is actually one Yoga pose that I have down pat....more

When Yoga and Life Collide

photo credit redbubble.net Six months ago my life changed.One week I was in a relationship and working. Then I wasn't. ...more