BlogHer Handmade ’11 Call for Authors

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BlogHer Handmade is BlogHer’s social media event for creative/crafting/food-loving bloggers. We’re partnering with The Creative Connection to host this day, where we’re covering everything from Content and Community Building, to Growing Your Reach, to Monetization and Business Models. It’s a day jam-packed with information creative bloggers need to boost their social media presence, and it’s taking place next week in St. Paul, Minnesota. (Have you registered yet?)

We’re excited to feature BlogHer’s creative authors at this conference, where attendees will have opportunities to peruse your published works in the Handmade Marketplace. If you’re an author of the creative/crafting/food variety, we invite you to submit your book(s) in our BlogHer Handmade ’11 Call for Authors. Time is short, though, with the conference just next week -- so that means the deadline is quick.

If you would like BlogHer to try to stock your book in the Handmade Bookstore, submit it today. The deadline is 5pm PT on Monday, September 12, 2011. So don’t delay!

(We like to make submitting forms as easy as possible, so we've got two simple ways to submit your data: either use this link, which will take you to a web form, or use the embedded form below!)

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