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So, it's been a while since we've done an extensive BlogHer Handmade update, and in that time a LOT has been cooking. Before we get to the final crazy days before BlogHer '11, it seemed like a good time to get you all worked up about one of our new conferences for 2011: BlogHer Handmade '11, produced in conjunction with The Creative Connection.

1. When and Where?

BlogHer Handmade and The Creative Connection are taking over the Crowne Plaza in St. Paul, MN for three glorious days, September 15-17. It's a great time of year to visit, and the Hotel is right there on the Mississippi River.

  • BlogHer Handmade is all day Thursday September 15, including a full Welcome Dinner event, where Handmade attendees will be joined by other folks coming in just for The Creative Connection and its Marketplace
  • The Creative Connection continues on Friday and Saturday (September 16-17) with a variety of programming

2. What kind of programming?

The vision that we share with the creators of The Creative Connection is to cross-pollinate the skills of two very accomplished groups: Crafty, creative business owners who need to learn more about social media, and crafty, creative social media experts who want to turn their crafty avocations into a real business. To that end:

3. Sign me up! How do I register???

For this conference, all registration, including for BlogHer Handmade, is being handled by The Creative Connection. Now because their hands-on classes require careful allocation of space and materials, the registration process for TCC is a bit different. You can select BlogHer Handmade as its own single item, and it includes the entire day, from breakfast to dinner. BlogHer Handmade is also included if you choose the Weekender pass, and if you intend to attend all three days, the Weekender pass is definitely the way to go, saving you 15% off of a la carte pricing.

But it does get a little more involved for Friday and Saturday: You need to pick the classes you intend to attend. They'll give you all the choices, but do pay a little bit of attention and make sure you don't double-book yourself!

So, provided I haven't completely confused you now, check out our agenda, then get thee to the TCC site and sign up for BlogHer Handmade!

Will I see you there?

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