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Blogging has had and will have an incredible impact on the world, because blogs can change lives.

Women are using their social platform (blogging) to create great change in the world. They have brought huge improvement to our lives.

Today’s women have access to a forum that simply did not exist for those who’ve come before us.

In the 1930’s Elisa’s grandmother left the Czech Republic for France. Shortly after her arrival, Elisa’s mother was born. World War II also started. From France, the family moved traveled over the Pyrenees, took a boat to the United States and then ended up settling temporarily in South America before returning to the U.S. where they settled in New York.

That’s all Elisa knows about her grandmother’s experience in the 1930’s and 40’s. No written document remains, no oral history of the experience was taken.

Elisa is not familiar with what her grandmother when through during that difficult period or how it impacted her life later on. In her words, “There’s a whole chunk of her life I know nothing about.”

Elisa’s mother had a more typical life experience for a woman of her age. Perhaps. Though her mother went to college, she was married shortly thereafter and quickly had three children.

Decades later, seen through the rosy shades of a life well lived, Elisa’s mother describes that life as pretty wonderful. “It’s as if we were such angels. Awesome. Perfect. Woke up from naps laughing and smiling.”

And yet, the story doesn’t simply end there. Elisa’s mother went back to work, where her career flourished. In fact, she loved work and actively held down a job until about the age of 70.

She worked in spite of a husband that was more traditional and perhaps uncomfortable with the career woman she had become. What happened the young stay at home mother with three kids that caused her to so radically change her life?

Elisa knows that The Feminine Mystique by Betty Friedan had an impact on her mother’s life, but she also knows there is more to the story -- a story that remains to be finished.

Today, bloggers are documenting a new world history. Traditional history has covered, war, peace, government, but has neglected to catalog how people feel. We are capturing emotion. We are shining a light on families.

The work that women are doing today is a real service to their children, their grandchildren and generations to come. We’re revealing what’s inside and teaching that we’re not so alone. All of the things that we love and are interested in, along with all of the things we’re struggling with are shared experiences.

Elise Bauer had an incredible, flourishing career in Silicon Valley when she was hit with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Elise had to leave her job, stay home and work on getting well.

Elise started to blog as an outlet. She dabbled in sharing her tried and true recipes, along with a little love. Her site, Simply Recipes, is now one of the largest food blogs on the internet.

Elise shares recipes and reminds us that no matter how crazy our lives are we still can find the simple joys in life. It’s a blog about love.

Grace Davis started blogging before most people even knew what blogging was. In 2005, when Hurricane Katrina hit the east coast of the United States, Grace sought to help the people in need…from California.

Grace connected with other women online to direct ship supplies to people in need. Some of those supplies hit families before the Red Cross could even come in.

This is what the power of the online community. It is the evolution of power to be heard, create a unique playing field, participate in a new way and change the world. Blogging has brought power to our fingertips – from the personal to the global.

Welcome to BlogHer Handmade.


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