BlogHer Loves (Halloween) Shoes!

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Due to the proximity of this week’s shoe shot to Halloween, the Events team thought it a no-brainer to theme our meme for Shoe Thursday. Can you say “Theme our meme for Halloween” ten times in a row? Yes, people, it’s Halloween Shoe Day!

We came to the office yesterday in full Halloween regalia and documented everything just for you! So please take a look at the shoes below and, without peeking at the second image, see if you can guess which costume they belong to.

BlogHer staff Halloween shoes

And on to the costumes:

BlogHer staff Halloween costumes

And MOST IMPORTANT, please share your Halloween shoes with us in this post, on Twitter with hashtag #BlogHerLovesShoes or via Tumblr at BlogHerLovesShoes.

Happy Shoe Thursday!