BlogHer Loves Shoes, But You Knew That, Didn't You?

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It was that time again....last week!  I even scheduled the shoe shot on the calendar so that we could have maximum footwear represented. But alas, work has gotten in my way, what with BlogHer Food '13 right around the corner.  So my fun work had to wait.  But I did get to wear my fun black Taryn Rose sandals with the bling on them.  I have to apologize to my colleagues at BlogHer for the noise that they make (flap, flap, flap) but I won't give them up!

We'd love to see your shoes. Share a link in the comments, BlogHerLovesShoes also works on Tumblr and you can share on Twitter, of course, using our hashtag #BlogHerLovesShoes.

Melinna Gershik

Senior Events Manager, BlogHer