BlogHer Network Terms of Service Change Log

BlogHer Network Terms of Service
Summary of Updates – February 8, 2008

Section 1 – Acceptance of Terms: Users who access the Site, BlogHer services, or Materials on the BlogHer Network are bound by the Terms of Service (Section 1.a). A User may not use the BlogHer Network if doing so is illegal or if such User is not of legal age to form a binding contract with BlogHer (Section 1.b). If there is a conflict between the Terms of Service and Additional Terms, the Additional Terms shall take precedence in relation to that service (Section 1.c). Users may be required to consent to updates to the Terms before further use of the BlogHer Network is permitted (Section 1.d).

Section 2 – Registration Information: Users are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality and monitoring the use of their registration information and password (Section 2.b).

Section 3 – Term and Termination: We added a provision informing Users how they can terminate the Terms. We also added a section regarding the effects of termination and specifying the provisions that survive such termination (Section 3.d).

Section 4 – Community Guidelines and Unacceptable Conduct: We notified Users to contact BlogHer if they become aware of any Unacceptable Content (Section 4.c).

Section 5 – Rights and Usage: We revised the license provision to state that BlogHer also has the right to sublicense Content (Section 5.b).

Section 7 – Notification of Any Possible Copyright Infringement: We specified the information that a User should include in a notice of Content that may infringe copyright rights (Sections 7.a and 7.b).

Section 8 – Disclaimer of Warranties: We added language to inform Users that Content available on the BlogHer Network should not be used in place of professional advice (Section 8.c) and to clarify that some jurisdictions may prohibit the exclusion of certain warranties (Section 8.e).

Section 9 – Limitation of Liability: We disclaimed BlogHer’s liability for certain types of damages. We noted that some jurisdictions may prohibit the exclusion or limitation of liability for these damages. (Sections 9.a and 9.b).

Section 10 – Content and Storage Security: We have included a section to notify Users of the security precautions that BlogHer takes to protect Content.

Section 13 – Remedies: BlogHer reserves the right to investigate violations of the Terms and to disclose any information, Materials, or Content, as necessary, to comply with applicable laws, enforce the Terms, respond to claims that Content violates third party rights, respond to customer service requests, and protect the rights, property, and safety of BlogHer, Users, the public, and law enforcement or government officials (Section 13.a).

Section 14 – International Users: The Site, while operated by BlogHer’s offices in the U.S., can be accessed outside of the U.S. and Users must comply with all local laws. The Site may also contain BlogHer services and Materials that are not available or appropriate in every country and access to the Site from jurisdictions where the Site, BlogHer Network, or Materials are illegal, is prohibited (Sections 14.a and 14.b).

Section 15 – General: We added a number of general contract terms, including provisions on notice, choice of law, choice of exclusive forum, severability, waiver, prohibition against assignment, independent contractor relationship, export compliance and the merger of all prior discussions between the parties into the Terms (Section 15).