How do you get your blog noticed?

Obviously we all use the BlogHer network to get our blogs out there and to connect with other blogging women, its what it was created for.

But as I write my quirky, emotional, or odd little posts every morning I find myself longing for more.  I want people to recognize me from my blog, truth be told I'd love for the blog to turn into my only job and allow me to turn it from a working mommy content into a stay at home mommy content, but thats another post in itself.  So I'm looking for feedback and answers, how do you make your blog noticed? 

I'd love to look at my "who's visited" button every morning and see something more than just the people I know.  Is it something as simple as changing from a basic background to something better? 

You tell me, I welcome criticism and compliments both with welcome arms.  Any kind of feedback is appreciated and I hope this sparks a discussion of small ways all of us could improve our blogs!!

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