figuring out just what kind of girl I'm not...

Hello! Just joined BlogHer to meet some other female bloggers with similar situations. I started my Not That Kind of Girl project about a month ago. Basically, I have challenged myself to do 250 COMPLETELY UNCHARACTERISTIC THINGS over the next 365 days, all
while getting to know Boston and shaking off a four-year relationship.
So far, I've managed to make a bit of an ass out of myself.

So far the projects have ranged from the mundane (unsuccessfully donating blood, chatting on a cell phone in the restroom...) to the absolutely horrifying (getting my fanny smacked by an elderly man in lederhosen somes to mind!). Every day, I like to ask myself: what am I doing today that I've never done before?

Check it out and leave a comment! I love finding new blogs through comments left on my own -- I'm sort of in a committed relationship with my RSS reader...