Licensed Profession Counselor California

On October 11, 2009 the California counselor licensure bill was signed into law, establishing licensure of professional clinical counselors (LPCCs).

For those like me who took a hiatus on their way to earning a doctoral degree in clinical psychology this news is like finding water in the desert.  Now I can actually pursue licensure as a master;s level clinician like my social worker and mariage/family/therapist friends.  I am ecstatic.  California will now offer this license that other states have been offering for years.  I no longer have to bypass jobs that I am very qualified for simply because I do not have a clnical license.  I am interested in the reaction of others.  Do you think this is a good thing, or no.  What are your reason?  I'm sure the LCSW's, LMFT's, and licensed Ph.D.'s hhave mixed feelings as this will mean more competition.  I plan to complete my Ph.D. probably before the process to acquire the LPC licensure comes into effect but I am overjoyed to at least have another option.

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