The BlogHer Open Space Sunday

I am looking forward to facilitating the Open Space on Sunday July 29th at Chicago City Centre Hotel. For those of you new to Open Space or unconferences I wanted to let you know what to expect.

In many ways this is like any other conference - there will be very talented people with a lot to offer. The main difference is that the agenda is created live the day the event happens. If you have a desire to speak, present lead a discussion - this is your chance - everyone can. You can post proposed topics on this wiki page.

Here is how it will work (click on the see more to get the whole picture).

We will begin by gathering in a circle.

Image credit: Scoobyfoo

There will be a blank Agenda Wall along with the principles of Open Space and the Law of Two feet.

Image credit: Deborah Schultz

I will guide us through a process to make the agenda. Anyone who wants to present CAN - no sessions will be culled (trust me there will be enough room for all). Basically if you want to present, or lead a discussion you write your topic down on a 8.5x11 paper , tell us about it and put what you have to offer on the agenda wall.

Image credit: Stephanie Booth

When this is done we have our day...talking about what we want to talk about in the time/space slots.

Image credit: World Open Space on Open Space 2007

At the end of the day we will gather back to together in a circle and reflect on the highlights of the day. Then it will be over until next year.

I do facilitation professionally mostly with technical communities (like user-centric digital identity - at the Internet Identity Workshop or Online Community Unconference). It is an honor to be able to bring this powerful participatory process to BlogHer for the first time.


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