To Blogher or not to Blogher?

Straying from the arts to bring up an important blogging topic: The 2010 Blogher Conference

It's that time of year again when people start getting excited, buying their passes, discussing the sessions and making their plans for the conference in August.  This year NYC (my hometown) will be hosting the event which means I finally have a shot at going.  In the past the conference passes, plane tickets and hotel room have just been WAY out of my price range.

Although I don't have to travel more than a short subway ride this year, I'm still struggling with the cost. The early bird special (ending this weekend so hop on it!) is still steep for my pocket book (as if I carry a pocket book), especially with this ongoing struggle of saving up for a new computer.

So the question: is it worth it to put everything on hold to buy a ticket to Blogher?

Please do read the rest of the article on Arts & Dafts if you have a moment.  But here are my questions to you:

Are you going to what some people consider the most important blogging event of the year? Can you afford to go?  Can you afford not to go?


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