BlogHer PRO '13 Speaker Interviews: Britt Reints on Pivoting Your Brand

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Another week closer to BlogHer PRO '13, it's time for another Speaker Interview! These interviews remain one of my favorite things as we near a conference, because I learn so much -- about our speakers, about the topics they're speaking on, and about myself. This week I've asked Britt Reints of In Pursuit of Happines two questions. Let's see what she has to share with us this week!

BlogHer PRO '13 Speaker Interviews: Britt Reints on Pivoting Your Brand

1. You’re speaking on “Pivoting Your Brand” panel during Content Breakout: Can you explain more to attendees what that turn of phrase means – and what it meant for you personally in relation to your brand?

Pivoting your Brand means changing, which can feel counter intuitive when everything we're taught about branding is based on consistency. For me, pivoting my brand meant letting the way I was evolving personally impact my brand. I started blogging and building a writing career as a funny, irreverent, let-it-all-hang-out blogger. This was why my readers showed up. But as my real life changed, it became harder and harder to maintain that brand. What I really wanted to do was focus on personal development and to get a little more serious, but I was afraid that meant starting all over with building my online platform.

As I asked both Erica Lee and Joanne Tombrakos in their interviews, I asked Britt that one question that might help you decide which breakout session to attend -- or even prompt you to register now for BlogHer PRO '13.

2. If you could only tell readers or panel attendees one thing about pivoting your brand, what would it be?

If you try to hold on to an image that no longer fits, your readers and potential customers will notice. They might not know what is off, but the insincerity will affect your ability to connect and resonate. The choice isn't IF you should pivot, but HOW to make the transition.

Good stuff! Britt is speaking on Day Two, October 23, 2013 during the first Breakout for Content. I encourage you to check out the entire Agenda as well as our fantastic Speakers. There's still time and limited space for this great conference, so register today.


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