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It's time for one of my favorite things leading up to a conference: Interviews with speakers! With BlogHer PRO '13 happening in less than a month, we thought attendees and those who will be following along at home via our Virtual Con would like to get to know some of our great panelists a little better. I know it's one of my favorite things to put together as it always leaves me feeling inspired.

This week I asked Erica Lee of StrategicLee two questions.

Erica Lee, Speaking at BlogHer PRO '13

First, I wanted to know a bit of what to expect when she brings her knowledge of branding to the table during BlogHer U. (You can learn more about our Day One Business Intensive, BlogHer U, here.)

1. You’re speaking on The Intersection of “You” and “Brand” during BlogHer U: Can you give us a little insight as to what that means – to you on a personal level? What’s your intersection?

As a PR person one of your largest challenges is connecting audiences i.e. the goals of a clients with the goals of a journalist and the goals of a reader you have never met that you hope become a customer. There are a lot of ways to reach these people. My personal approach is using my personal brand and my professional brand together. This allows me to have greater "human" interaction with the people I need to reach. It allows for conversations to flow and become more about win-win situations rather than adversarial. Knowing more about me as a person allows people to feel less guarded and then we can actually focus on the best ways to get things done. My joke is: With StrategicLee you get a lot of -- well -- strategic Lee!

Secondly, I asked Erica a question I'll be posing to all of our interviewed speakers with the specifics changed. In case you can't attend, I wanted readers to have one take away from each of these great interviews -- and it also might help you decide where to spend your time while at breakout sessions if you're attending the conference. (Reminder: Limited space! Register now!)

2. If you could only tell readers or panel attendees one thing about that intersection, what would it be?

This Too Shall Pass. Lighten up. You will make mistakes. Nothing is insurmountable. Everything is fixable. And the followers you have today may be completely different from the ones you will have when you take your blog to the next level.

You didn't ask but the second thing I would say is equally important! Make yourself happy first. Allow yourself to be a little bit selfish and get what you want.

Erica will be speaking from 1:30 to 1:50 on Day One, Tuesday, October 22, 2013 during BlogHer U: A Business Development Intensive. Check out the entire agenda and register now -- seats are limited!


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