The BlogHer PRO '14 Agenda: Set Your Intentions and Make Concrete Plans for 2015

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BlogHer PRO is just about two months away. Are you registered—or have you been waiting to learn more details? Let's see if I can help! Today, I'm happy to unveil the agenda for the conference.

Check Out the BlogHer PRO '14 Agenda

BlogHer PRO is the event for you if you consider your online platform to be your professional platform. I hasten to clarify: That doesn't necessarily mean you're focused on making money with your blog. It can also mean that you generate opportunities because of your blog and social profile. 

The BlogHer PRO program is designed to address the issues we see crop up again and again, the discussions we hear, the questions that bubble up most often.

So, of course, there is a lot in the agenda around the current online monetization landscape and how to make the most of it, and make sure you're optimized for it. But the agenda also includes a lot of content about raising your profile and positioning yourself for success off your blog!

Just as we did last year at BlogHer PRO '13, we'll kick off the event with an initial general session focused on getting everyone on the same page and speaking the same language for the workshops to follow. This year, we're offering a series of trend reports: What do experts see as the most important web trends for professionals in 2015 ... and why? Where is the money? How are we being asked to prove effectiveness and campaign success? What are the technical areas you should be working on, and should we develop those skills or outsource them?

Then, we'll head into workshops that delve deeply into many of the issues raised. These sessions are about three hours long, and provide the opportunity for hands-on, focused work.

You won't just learn about a media kit, marketing plan, or book proposal—you'll walk away with your specific kit, plan, or proposal outlined and sketched out.

You won't just hear why video and viewability are important—you'll get in front of a camera, and have your current blog design audited.

And to provide some variety from the intensive workshops, we'll also have Ask the Experts tables set up, where you can go for quick, specific hits of knowledge.

And we're also bringing the 10x10 Project to BlogHer PRO! The lunch sessions on both Wednesday, December 3 and Thursday, December 4 will include 10x10 presentations, all focused on finding the universal truths to be gleaned from specific success stories in the social media space.

We'll be adding speakers to the agenda over the next two weeks, but we were so excited about the program that we wanted to get it in your hot little hands without delay.

Eager to hear your thoughts, and if you haven't registered yet, now's a good time... after all, this conference is one of our more targeted, intimate events, which means space is limited.

Will I see you there this December? 

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