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BlogHer PROBlogHer PRO is less than two weeks away, and the Events team is getting so excited to bring you this new and fun conference. If you're undecided about which sessions to attend (check our agenda) or if you even should attend, we thought we'd bring you some interviews with our session speakers to give you a glimpse into what you might learn from each panel. I started with the Video track since we saw video take off in 2012. I asked this question about video blogging:

Why should today's bloggers be doing video?

Catherine McCord of Weelicious gives some great points:

Today's bloggers should be doing video because it's the most engaging way to communicate with your audience. When people can see you and hear you, it creates a deeper emotional connection and a better understanding of the subject matter than just reading or looking at photos.

It's also highly searchable, can be monetized in a number of ways and has a lot more distribution points than a single blog post. With YouTube being the #2 search engine, it can also be a great way to reach a new audience and drive them back to your blog.

Jennifer Kennedy from The Video Mojo assures readers that videos don't have to replace written content and offers some other thoughts:

The single best reason to use video is to be able to connect with your readers in a different way. In this way, video becomes a complement rather than a replacement of your written content. Video gives you the opportunity to show off a different side of your personality. Personally, the videos I find the most enjoyable are the ones where the blogger talks not only about her content, but gives me a little glimpse of herself (but, that could also just be my nosy side).

Getting started with video creation can seem daunting. But, starting off small with just a monthly Q&A, an about me, or even a weekly quick tip video can make the task seem less intimidating. I started off as a classroom teacher creating videos with my students. We performed basic plays, filmed them, and distributed the videos to parents. They were simple, yet entertaining. Videos then became a natural progression for me. I’m no longer a classroom teacher, but I still love teaching. Creating videos gives me a way to continue that passion.

Side note: Videos don’t always have to be a shot of you! There are so many other video types and so many ways to be creative. You can turn a PowerPoint into a video. You can record your computer screen and turn it into a video. You can assemble pictures and create a video. The possibilities are endless.

Their session, part of the Growth Track, is during the 1pm breakout session. Carley Knobloch of Digitwirl will also be presenting, and the session will be moderated by our own Editor-in-Chief, Stacy Morrison. If you're interested in learning how to incorporate video into your blog, you won't want to miss it!

If you're not registered yet, go ahead and do so now!

Do you have any questions for the presenters ahead of time that they might address during this great session? Leave them in the comments!


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