Where to Eat at #BlogHerFood16 in Austin, According to Locals

One of the things the BlogHer Events team loves most about #BlogHerFood is getting to explore a city each year. We pick the locations for their great food culture, and we love getting a taste of the city as much as our attendees do. Image: Stubb's BBQ, by John Tornow on Flickr ...more

#BlogHerFood16 Saturday Lunchtime Excursions: Get a Taste of Austin

We're excited to bring #BlogHerFood16 to Austin this year, and to bring our conference attendees a taste of this city's incredible food culture with the opportunity to participate in one of four lunchtime excursions. We've found some Austin locals to lead trips to some of their favorite places, all within walking distance of the Hilton. ...more

10 #BlogHerFood16 Cookbooks That Will Make You Ravenous

When we asked our #BlogHerFood16 speakers, "Who has a recently published a book, or has one coming out soon?" I didn’t expect to want to read ALL THE FOOD BOOKS. But I found myself charmed by Kathy Strahs' new ideas for a vintage baking dish and intrigued by Kathy Hester's techniques for the Instant Pot. I was dazzled by Irvin Lin's desserts with a twist and absolutely fascinated by Toni Tipton-Martin's look at two centuries of African American cookbooks. Bookmark these 10 books as holiday gift ideas for your food-obsessed friends (or just put them on your own wishlist). ...more
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The Big #BlogHerFood16 Highlights Preview

As we get ready to descend on Austin next week for #BlogHerFood16, I wanted to create one big recap of all the activities you can expect there—just case you’ve missed some of the many interesting announcements as they’ve rolled in over the last few months. ...more

Get the #BlogHerFood16 App and Never Miss a Thing in Austin

Are you headed to the #BlogHerFood16 conference in Austin just two weeks? We can't wait to see you! As you plan your time and experience, grab our free mobile conference app now so you won't miss a thing you want to see. ...more

Opportunities to Grow Beyond Your Blog: The #BlogHerFood16 Friday Lunch Keynote

Many food blogs are now entering their teenage years, while so many others are just getting started. But we all share the same questions: "How can I build a blog and a business for long-term success and fulfillment? How do I keep it fresh and stay motivated? How can I grow beyond my blog, especially as new tools, platforms, and opportunities show up every year?"...more
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The Pitch: Food Edition Is Back!

Last year, we launched a new tradition at the BlogHer conferences: The Pitch. In our mission to encourage and support women entrepreneurs, we launched The Pitch both online and as competitions at our conferences. Think of it as a little like "Shark Tank," if "Shark Tank" were warm and supportive and productive.The Pitch: Food Edition at #BlogHerFood16 features four women founders of food-focused companies, who will present their Pitch on the main stage before an esteemed panel of judges....more

The Food Network's Smollett Family Shares Their Food Secrets at #BlogHerFood16

Many in the BlogHer community were able to see Jurnee Smollett-Bell (from Friday Night Lights and currently in the incredible series Underground) in action this summer at #BlogHer16, as part of our ...more

#BlogHerFood16 Sponsor Event Sign-ups

We are just a few weeks away from seeing you all in Austin! We've got opportunities aplenty for you to eat, learn, and connect with your favorite brands and bloggers, and today we're excited to announce some very special events from a few of our sponsors.What are sponsored special events? These are smaller, more intimate events that take place at #BlogHerFood16, They allow sponsors to connect with attendees to talk about product launches, new services, social issues, or just plain informally network and have fun....more

The #BlogHerFood16 Closing Party in Austin Will Be Epic

In just under one month, we'll mosey our way to Austin, Texas, where we'll celebrate all things food, as well as our #BlogHerFood16 community. And we'll close things off right at Maggie Mae's, an iconic institution right in the heart of Austin! Come join us from Sixth Street's largest rooftop for expansive views of Austin's skyline. We'll hang out in the Gibson Lounge, which has a vintage vibe with its classic Gibson guitars, and be served cool craft cocktails. ...more
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