What You Need to Know About Publishing Books

Every time someone asks me what I do and I tell them that I'm a writer, I get one of two reactions: people who are readers ask what I've written to see if they know one of my books, and people who are writers shyly tell me that one of their goals in life is to publish a book. Sometimes the people in that former group ask me for advice on how to break into publishing, and I'm always happy to help. (And, yes, if you are reading this, you are one of those people I am happy to help, so leave your questions in the comment section and I'll answer them.) But part of helping is giving them the reality of publishing. ...more
Thank you for sharing!  Like many writers, I too am an inspiring author. The publishing world ...more

The Incomparable Christy Turlington Burns Will Premiere Sneak Peek of New Every Mother Counts Documentary at #BlogHer15

Today I'm thrilled to announce yet another amazing "get" for the #BlogHer15 keynote speaker lineup: Social activist, model, and entrepreneur Christy Turlington Burns!  ...more
How exciting!  Wish I could attend, but looking forward to highlights of the event!more

My Defining Moment: I Conquered My Eating Disorder

I know exactly when I became consumed with my weight. In 2001, at age 21, I had major surgery on my back (corrective surgery for scoliosis)....more
I too had an eating disorder. Mine started in my teens when I went on a diet to lose a few ...more

Challenge: How Have You Shown #CourageToday?

We're on Instagram asking you to share what you had #CourageToday to do, whether it's standing up for yourself or branching out onto a new journey or asking for something you want or just doing something you haven't done before. We'll be sharing our favorites! ...more

The Journey From "Just a Mother"

I couldn’t look at her. I saw a glimpse of us in her bedroom closet mirror and the image made me doubt everything I just said minutes before. She was crying those type of tears where she had to stop every few seconds and gasp for a deep breath. And I looked broken....more
Many thanks!more

10 Tested Tips for Time Management

As a mom of two active kids, wife of someone who owns his own business, published author, daughter, sister, aunt and traveling career women, time is at a premium for me, like I’d bet it is for you....more
Great tips! I especially like buying clothes that don't wrinkle and not checking baggage. Makes ...more

How a Diaper Bag Insert Turned into a Crowdfunding Site for Moms

About a month after having my son, Teddy, I had my first moment of (new) mom inspiration. Somehow in my sleep-depraved, poorly showered, deer-in-headlights state, I came up with a damn good idea....more
Elisa Camahort Thanks so much, Elisa! I hope this will inspire other moms to move forward with ...more

What's Your Defining Moment?

What do all these experts have in common? We all begin at that defining moment when we realize a passion and start to pursue it. Today, we're starting a conversation about our defining moments. They can be huge (as you'll hear in some incredible, life-changing stories coming up on BlogHer and SheKnows) or very small: a quiet voice in your head saying, Oh. I get it now. ...more
Hey Julie, I think like a lot of people who are passionate about something and have ...more

Sign Up for Childcare at #BlogHer15: Experts Among Us

We are proud to announce Childcare at #BlogHer15: Experts Among Us in New York City!...more
What a great idea!more

Grab a Badge and Tell the World You're Going to #BlogHer15: Experts Among Us

With the conference just over two months away, we know you're gearing up for #BlogHer15: Experts Among Us in New York City. We've made some badges that you can place on your blog, share on Facebook, or plaster all over your social media accounts....more
Can't wait for the event.  so looking forward.  Linda Eckhardt, Editor:  Everybodyeatsnews.commore


Jim Lin is a VP, Digital Strategist at Ketchum PR. In addition to relishing the fact that he gets to legitimately hang out on Twitter all day, Jim’s job is to push the boundaries of digital and social media to ensure that his clients break through the chatter to become the conversation, whatever or wherever that may be. Jim’s professional background encompasses over seventeen years of business development, marketing, and public relations experience, where he’s done everything from launching companies like Fiji Water, to helping Los Angeles County track child abuse treatment, to stalking Johnny Cash during a sound check.

On the personal side, Jim is the blogger behind the popular Busy Dad Blog. To the outside world, his blog is a repository of anecdotal parenting adventures with his two kids; to Jim, it is a roadmap that helps him piece together where he's been the past couple days, when he suddenly wakes up drooling and disoriented in his office. As BusyDad, Jim has worked with numerous consumer brands on campaigns as well as ambassadorships, including Huggies, Vicks, and Zatarain’s. He is also is active in conference circles, having served as a speaker/panelist at BlogHer, BlogWorld, Blissdom, Dad 2.0 Summit, Mom 2.0 Summit, Type-A Parent, Bulldog Reporter, and PR Newswire. Of course, he’s most proud of being a two-time BlogHer Voices of the Year honoree.

Having maintained a strict “separation of blog and state” throughout the past seven years, Jim’s position at Ketchum represents a bold new, oftentimes scary world to him. His personal and professional lives have collided head-on to form a single identity that’s the same online and off, office and home.

While this gives him the unique insight to develop campaigns from the perspective of both the marketer as well as the target audience, he can no longer tell his readers he is a ninja operative for the government – and his colleagues know of his undying allegiance to Princess Leia.

A native Bostonian, Jim holds a BA degree from Harvard University, a black belt in Shotokan Karate, a few Muay Thai trophies, and a whole lot of bumps and bruises to show for it… actually, those are from his kids.

Skye Kilaen came to BlogHer in 2007 after years of being "the techie" in human services and advocacy organizations.  Her work with influencers revolves around making BlogHer programs easier to understand, enroll in, and enjoy!

Deb Rox is the Entertainment Editor for and co-host of BlogHer's annual Queerosphere party. In addition to writing, she consults and trains on diverse communications and management topics including community development and social media and works on a diversity of blog-related projects including the Listen to Your Mother Show. She blogs at Deb on the Rocks and Tweets way too much at @debontherocks

An active blogger since the late 1990s, Ana Lydia Ochoa-Monaco founded the Latina Lifestyle Bloggers Collective, or #LLBlog as its commonly recognized on Twitter in 2011. The collective is an international community of more than 325 diverse Latina & Latino lifestyle bloggers, is anchored by a private Facebook community, and real-time Twitter conversations. #LLBLOG was created to provide a platform for Hispanic bloggers that write about lifestyle topics, to share accomplishments, resources and tools with other network members.

In 2011, less than six months after its launch, The Latina Lifestyle Bloggers Collective was nominated by LATISM (Latinos in Social Media), as “Best Lifestyle Blogger.” In 2012, both the Shorty Awards and The Social Revolucion of SxSW nominated the Collective in the Innovator category.

In 2012, the collective was also a finalist in the Chase Mission Small Business, and was nominated for both the Latino Social Network Leader and Lifestyle Blogger Category in the LATISM (Latinos in Social Media) Awards. #LLBLOG currently has a content partnership with the MiTu YouTube Lifestyle Network and Latina Magazine.

Ana Lydia is also founder and president of Padma Media and Marketing, Inc. reached national recognition in 2006 for her visionary approach to multi-cultural consumer outreach. Under her leadership, Padma has developed programs that strategically align social media and PR with public outreach to reach diverse and niche consumers, including Spanish-speaking and bilingual Hispanics.

Industry trade magazines and journals have often relied on Ana Lydia’s expertise for various articles and industry trend reports. She has been quoted in leading publications including Money Magazine, CNN Money, Ad Age and PR Week

After the City of Los Angeles and former Mayor James K. Hahn recognized her public relations career, California Senator Hilda Solis commended the launch of padma media & marketing in 2006. Ana Lydia alo received the YWCA Phenomenal Woman Award in 2003, and was nominated by the Los Angeles Business Journal for the 2009 Women Making a Difference Award.

In 2008 Ana Lydia was a finalist for the Idea Café Innovation and Originality Awards, and was nominated by Inc. Magazine as Entrepreneur of the Year in 2010. That same year, Ana Lydia was featured in Crave Los Angeles,’ “The Urban Girl’s Manifesto,” as one of 125 “women you need to know” in Los Angeles.