Top 5 Reasons #BlogHer15: Experts Among Us Is Going Back to The Hilton New York

You have likely heard by now that #BlogHer15: Experts Among Us is returning to New York City, and tickets are selling now (and fast). Actually, not only are we going back to the Big Apple but we are returning to the largest hotel in New York, the Hilton New York. ...more
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What Did You Learn At BlogHer PRO '14?

Our BlogHer PRO '14 attendees shared a lot of wisdom via Twitter during the conference. As always, they've also shared what they learned, who inspired them, and what they plan on doing next in their own spaces on the web. We've rounded up a number of great perspectives from the conference to share with you today. Read on to get inspired by our amazing attendees. ...more

5 More Thoughts to Inspire You from BlogHer PRO '14

Day Two of BlogHer PRO '14 didn't disappoint. Attendees tweeted up a storm, sharing relevant and pertinent information with each other and their followers. Our speakers once again took to the stage and shared their expertise and experience. We're sharing another five great tweets that will inspire you today... to do something tomorrow. Read on! ...more
Aww, thanks. It was a pleasure to speak yesterday.more

5 Bits Of Wisdom From Day One at BlogHer PRO '14

BlogHer PRO '14 kicked off today in Silicon Valley. As always, our attendees took to Twitter to share the words that most resonated with them from each speaker. Anyone following along with the #BlogHerPRO14 hashtag learned something today. I know I learned a lot! We've complied five important tweets today that you may want to take to heart, share around, and keep in mind as you look toward 2015. ...more
What a great conference! So glad i set aside the time to attend. Great takeaways and action ...more

Findery: The Treasure Map of Your Life

Since I was old enough to write, I had diaries and sketchbooks and notebooks. But when I discovered the internet, I fell in love with it. I set up my own web page, or, as we called it then, “online diary,” and eventually, blog. I could meet faraway friends, I could tell my stories, and I could read the stories of others. Through all my work with Flickr, Etsy, and a bunch of other companies, people's creativity, art, poetry, and stories have always been my focus. The internet has always been about connecting me to these. ...more

The Most Effective Writing Question: What's Your Angle?

They say that there are no new stories. In fact, author Christopher Booker suggests that every story ever told is a variation on seven basic plots. So, how do you differentiate your story from every other comedy, tragedy, memoir, quest, or rebirth? The answer is in the specific angle you use to tell your tale. Consider Eric and Charlotte Kaufman's story. ...more
Great lesson. I appreciate the insights!more

Announcing a BlogHer PRO '14 Fireside Chat with Entrepreneurial Icon and Tech Founder Caterina Fake

This is an anouncement of a BlogHer PRO '14 keynote speaker, but bear with me while I reminisce. Eight years ago, BlogHer '06, our second conference, took place. One of my clearest memories of that year is the pride I felt in featuring a triumvirate of blogging pioneers who were early bloggers, were amazing and entrepreneurial women in tech, and most thrillingly had each co-founded one of the fundamental tools in use at that time for bloggers like us. ...more

How to Write a Headline or Teaser That's Impossible to Ignore

Have you finally penned your masterpiece, soon-to-be-viral post? Hold up: There's a little more to write, and it's incredibly important. Your post title, as well as what you say about your post in social media, are your workhorses. The best post in the world does no good if no one clicks through to it. ...more
Thanks for sharing this! It's a great list. I struggle with writing headlines on my blog, Rudeysroommore

How to Write a Funny Post

Stuck on how to make your posts funnier? Here, let me help....more to go back to 2007 and rewrite all my old posts to be funny !more

How to Write Well About Controversial Topics

Some people can write about controversial topics such as circumcision, breastfeeding, or spankings and host a thoughtful discussion in their comment section, and other people write about those very same topics and end up with what amounts to a bar brawl on their blog. Image: Barbed wire, Shutterstock Are there specific things those first bloggers know that allow them to tackle controversial topics without raising their readership's collective blood pressure? Why... yes. And these are the steps you also can take if you want to write well about controversial topics. ...more
This is timely for me. I've been "writing" a TWO controversial pieces for weeks. I've written ...more


An active blogger since the late 1990s, Ana Lydia Ochoa-Monaco founded the Latina Lifestyle Bloggers Collective, or #LLBlog as its commonly recognized on Twitter in 2011. The collective is an international community of more than 325 diverse Latina & Latino lifestyle bloggers, is anchored by a private Facebook community, and real-time Twitter conversations. #LLBLOG was created to provide a platform for Hispanic bloggers that write about lifestyle topics, to share accomplishments, resources and tools with other network members.

In 2011, less than six months after its launch, The Latina Lifestyle Bloggers Collective was nominated by LATISM (Latinos in Social Media), as “Best Lifestyle Blogger.” In 2012, both the Shorty Awards and The Social Revolucion of SxSW nominated the Collective in the Innovator category.

In 2012, the collective was also a finalist in the Chase Mission Small Business, and was nominated for both the Latino Social Network Leader and Lifestyle Blogger Category in the LATISM (Latinos in Social Media) Awards. #LLBLOG currently has a content partnership with the MiTu YouTube Lifestyle Network and Latina Magazine.

Ana Lydia is also founder and president of Padma Media and Marketing, Inc. reached national recognition in 2006 for her visionary approach to multi-cultural consumer outreach. Under her leadership, Padma has developed programs that strategically align social media and PR with public outreach to reach diverse and niche consumers, including Spanish-speaking and bilingual Hispanics.

Industry trade magazines and journals have often relied on Ana Lydia’s expertise for various articles and industry trend reports. She has been quoted in leading publications including Money Magazine, CNN Money, Ad Age and PR Week

After the City of Los Angeles and former Mayor James K. Hahn recognized her public relations career, California Senator Hilda Solis commended the launch of padma media & marketing in 2006. Ana Lydia alo received the YWCA Phenomenal Woman Award in 2003, and was nominated by the Los Angeles Business Journal for the 2009 Women Making a Difference Award.

In 2008 Ana Lydia was a finalist for the Idea Café Innovation and Originality Awards, and was nominated by Inc. Magazine as Entrepreneur of the Year in 2010. That same year, Ana Lydia was featured in Crave Los Angeles,’ “The Urban Girl’s Manifesto,” as one of 125 “women you need to know” in Los Angeles.

Kari Dilloo is a PR and integrated marcom pro with more than 15 years of experience promoting consumer brands. Currently, Kari helps drive consumer PR for Bing and MSN at Microsoft, including leading the team's social influencer and blogger programs. Prior to Bing and MSN, Kari also worked at Xbox (consumer and corporate PR), Expedia (consumer PR), Edelman (MSN, Cranium), Imagio/J.Walter Thompson ( and Publicis (Washington State Potatoes, Nestle).

Some of her favorite (although not always glamorous) career memories include getting dressing up in a potato suit and appearing on Evening Magazine, going on Dr. Phil to give away a vacation package to a couple that lost their ‘spark’, eating cheese with Christie Brinkley at her house in the Hamptons, helping convince Toru Iwatani (creator of Pac-Man) to make a new version of Pac-Man before he retired, and working with a variety of "celebrities" that felt compelled to wear sunglasses indoors long after their careers peaked.

Kari is a Montana native who grew up in a small town self-proclaimed as the Malted Barley Capital of the World. Kari and her husband Ken have 3.5 year old twins, Luci and Mason, that keep them very happy and very busy.

Todd Porter is a Southern California based photographer and filmmaker. After 14 years in restaurant management, he found another calling in photography and film by documenting food, people, and their stories. Todd is the co-founder of and co-publisher of He has shot for both advertising and editorial clients such as Whole Foods, Thermador, Sunset Magazine, Lucini Italia, Williams Sonoma, Food and Wine, and the Los Angeles Times.

Jenny Lauck sent the kids outside to play and started her parenting blog Three Kid Circus back in 2004. At the first BlogHer conference in 2005, she participated as a panelist at the first Mommyblogging session. That one conference was all it took - she fell in love with the BlogHer community. Jenny is a veteran of every single BlogHer conference and is currently looking forward to sharing her expertise on working with BlogHer to market-proof your revenue stream at BlogHer PRO '13. 

Jenny is Vice President of Influencer Services at BlogHer, which means she gets paid to read blogs and get to know bloggers.  She thinks that she has the most awesome job ever.