Blogher Purses, Bags, and Backpacks

BlogHer Original Post

The minute I walked into the reception at blogher tonight, Susan Getgood came up to me and said "Don't photograph my shoes.  These aren't the good ones.  I'll have those on tommorrow."   Several other women came up to me and told me not take photos because they forgot to get pedicures!  

They remembered the shoe blogging from last year's conference.  Let me let you in on a little secret to increasing your blog's audience -- put pictures of shoes and write about feet.  My blogher shoes and feet photos have gotten more hits than anything else on my blog!

So, now I have an opportunity to compare traffic stats of shoes and feet with purses and bags!

Meet Julie from MotherGooseMouse Blog.  That's her daughter on the bag (the goose). She got it a Nordstrom's. She gets lots of strange comments, including that's not your child is it?

Hawaii-made purses were hot tonight.  I saw two lovely examples.

The first was this one from Elizabeth Perry who is a sketch blogger.  She puts her drawings in her blog.  She picked up this bag at the Hilo's Farmer's Market.  For one moment she thought that she was turning into a preppy teacher.  She likes the bag because she carry around all her art supplies and camera in her bag.

The second purse from Hawaii spotted during the blogher reception. It was handmade in Hawaii purchased from a department store. A great souvenir says Maria Niles.

Backpacks were also a popular style.

This one is Skye's Power Ranger's Backpack that she picked up REI for $12.. She loves it!

Here's Maryam's stylish black back pack.  She prefers backpacks because she hates having a purse hang her arm.  Also,she never looses her purse when it is on her back!

But the highlight of the evening was getting a peek inside Elisa Camahort's green purse.

Green isn't her color, purple is. But because the blogher logo is green - she couldn't resist the green purse. The secret to an organized purse is getting one with pockets and changing purses often which forces you clear the purse clutter.

Lots more blogher purses captured here.


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