BlogHer Reach Out Tour: Call for Ideas and Coaches

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BlogHer Reach Out Tour it's that time again: Time to find the experts out in our community who want to pass along their hard-won expertise to their fellow bloggers. The Reach Out Tour is coming to a city near you in October...if you live near Boston, DC, Nashville, Greensboro, Atlanta or New Orleans...and we are looking for local experts and local color.

Track #1: Blogging Basics

Each city will feature a Blogging Basics track for anyone newer (or completely new) to the blogosphere. Pre-Tour we will be distributing instructions to get a basic blog up and online, so attendees all have something to work with. This track will be comprised of the same three sessions in each city, but we'll be looking for local bloggers to make up the staff for those sessions. If you think you could help lead one of the following sessions, email me and throw your hat in the ring.

Session #1: I Blog, Therefore I Am ________, Figuring Out Your Blogging Mojo

Why blog? Who do you want to speak to? Family? New friends? Prospective employers or clients? Your children when they're old enough to read? To exercise your writing muscle? There are many different reasons to blog, and sometimes actually figuring out yours can help you create the blog of your dreams.

Email me if you want to help lead the Blogging Mojo panel.

Session #2: 6 Steps to Personalize, Polish & Promote Your Blog

Long-time BlogHer Liz Henry will organize this hands-on session in each city and will need local co-facilitators. The session will cover 6 quick and simple steps to take your blog to the next level:

Personalize with images, video, identity information and the voice of your community
Polish by learning how to write good headlines and links that will actually get clicked
Promote across relevant social sites, bringing new readers and discovering new bloggers yourself

Email me if you want to co-facilitate the 6 Steps panel.

Session #3: Managing Information Overload

Just about everyone who joins the blogosphere soon wonders how they will manage information overload. This session will not only talk about the productivity tools that can help you manage your information, but will also discuss how it's okay to not keep track of absolutely everyone and everything that's out there. Finding your personal blogging community is as important as anything else you will do.

Email me if you want to help lead the Managing Information Overload panel.

I've often called blogging the "gateway drug to technology" because so many of us have become self-taught geeks. Now's your chance to put that geekery to good use and help your fellow blogger. I look forward to hearing from all the local experts in each of our Reach Out Tour cities!


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