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Now through September 12th BlogHer is running a new contest for BlogHer community members who bring a beginner to BlogHer's Reach Out Tour. Depending on the number of BlogHer Beginners you refer you can get registration discounts...up to a free pass...on your own registration for either the Tour or next year's annual event, and the grand prize winner will receive a free conference pass along with up to $500 in travel dollars for either the Tour or BlogHer '09.

Bring a Beginner to BlogHer


The contest is to see who can get the most BlogHer beginners to register for the Reach Out Tour by September 12th.

The only criteria are:

  • The BlogHer Beginner can't have attended a past BlogHer event
  • The BlogHer Beginner must name you as their referrer when registering (in the space provided in the registration questionnaire).
  • The BlogHer Beginner must register by Friday September 12th
  • Note: You do not have to be attending the Tour yourself to be eligible.


    The prize levels are based on how many beginner registrants name you as their referrer:

  • Refer 2 or more BlogHer Beginners and get 20% off your registration to either the Reach Out Tour or BlogHer '09 (up to $60 value)
  • Refer 5 or more BlogHer Beginners and get 50% off your registration to either the Reach Out Tour or BlogHer '09 (up to $150 value)
  • Refer 10 or more BlogHer Beginners and get 100% off your registration to either the Reach Out Tour or BlogHer '09 (up to $300 value)
  • Grand Prize: Refer the most BlogHer Beginners (over 10) and get not only your free conference pass as described above, but $500 towards your travel costs! (up to $800 value)
    We all have sisters, mothers, friends, colleagues who we wish were blogging, don't we? Or who we think ought to be blogging, because they are such wonderful storytellers. Two of my non-blogging friends registered and came to BlogHer '08 and walked away completely inspired and ready to dive right in.

    The Reach Out Tour is designed to bring BlogHer out to more of the community. But there's more to it: What all of you are doing every day illustrates how and why blogging is such a potentially transformational tool, and we want to encourage more women to take up blogging and experience for themselves the power of a personal printing press.

    To that end we've created a terrific Blogging Basics track that we'll produce in each city, featuring local blogging experts. We want to get the message out to new and beginning bloggers that the BlogHer Reach Out Tour is the place to come to figure out why to blog in the first place, how to improve their skillz, and how to find a community.

    We want to make sure that we're getting the BlogHer Beginners registered now, before registrations get tight, because we think helping encourage new bloggers is a part of the mission of this Tour that can't be over-stated.

    And who better to evangelize blogging, but the BlogHer community...your passion for blogging is evident every single day!

    Please let us know if you have any questions, and feel free to grab one more piece of blog bling and let the world know that you're recruiting for the blog world!

    Bring a Beginner to BlogHer

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