BlogHer Reads "The Hobbit": Go Team Bilbo!

Just one more week until Peter Jackson's The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is released in theatres. So! Excited! Though admittedly also a tad nervous about the reports that viewing it in 48fps is making some people feed sick but I figure if I can handle queasy-making camera work that was in The Blair Witch Project and the forest scenes of The Hunger Games I can handle The Hobbit. But enough about the movie, let's talk about the book!

I like to think of this section, between Chapters 7 and 11, as the one where Bilbo comes into his own. Of course, it does help that he possesses a magic ring but the ring alone wouldn't have saved them all. No, they needed brains for that and Bilbo has them! Let's see... he outwitted the spiders. Then he cleverly figured out an escape route from the elves. Then he not only found the stairs to the secret door but figured out how it works. And though he had several chances to abandon his friends, he remained loyal and saved them. Go Team Bilbo!

biblo baggins the hobbit an unexpected journey

Image credit: Yahoo! Movies - Martin Freeman in New Line Cinema's "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" - 2012

Gandalf had told the dwarves that they'd be happy that they brought Biblo around and they were! Though perhaps not quite as much as they should have been. Without him they would have been spider food. It was interesting to see how quick they were to depend on Bilbo once he proved his worth and again how very fast they were willing to forget some of his services. They are a passionate folk, dwarves, and sometimes their passion gets in the way of their good sense.

Something I really appreciate about reading The Hobbit, which isn't always present in Tolkien's work, is how the end of every chapter is a cliffhanger. You can hear the "Duh! Duh! Duh!" at the end of it and it makes you want to turn the page and read just one more chapter. I have a hunch that the splits between the movies are going to be just the same but all the more infuriating by having to wait a year to see the next one.

While you are reading the final chapters of The Hobbit here's a little jingle to listen to.

Are you planning any fun activities next week for the release of The Hobbit? Going to a midnight screening? Maybe hosting a hobbit party?

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