BlogHer Reviewers take a closer look at LensCrafters

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On a recent stormy, August night in Manhattan, BlogHer's gathered with the folks from LensCrafters to enjoy some good company, learn some things they didn't know about eye health, try on new frames with the help of stylists and basically have a pretty good time doing it. They've captured the event in their blogs and we think you'll be surprised by what they each took away from the experience.


Debi was amazed by what she learned:


“Did you know that 10 MILLION children in this country need glasses but aren't wearing them!?!

I had no idea. I was actually quite stunned.”  


Tuesday had a blast picking out new frames with the assistance of the LensCrafters consultants:


“The consultants were amazing to work with, they took one look at you and were off finding the perfect frames. With the thousands of
frames that Lenscrafters has, that is no easy task.”


Victoria appreciated the timing of the event:

“Our rockstar pediatrician dropped the bombshell at her all important 5 year check up that Miss Natalie succeeded at failing her vision test; he also recommended a follow up exam elsewhere. Lovely.

Minutes later I saw a Blogher ad announcing their event with LensCrafters...”


Pretty Lady was impressed with the presentation:


Pretty Lady is pleased to inform you that Lenscrafters has formulated a Serious Educational Agenda, which, unlike a great many commercial endeavors, actually managed to educate her.”


ChefDruck found a new appreciation for the importance of eye exams:


“Your eyes are valuable, being blind would be terrifying, so why avoid eye exams? They had my attention.”

Kimberly found out that eye exams are incredibly important for your overall health:


“But what I didn’t know is that your eyes aren’t only the windows
to your soul, they can also be the best windows to your health.”

From enjoying gourmet treats to the personal attention from all of the LensCrafters staff at the event, our bloggers had a wonderful time learning about eye health and fashion.