BlogHer Reviewers try Mr. Clean Magic Erasers

Mr. Clean recently asked a few lucky BlogHers to try out the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. They quickly discovered that The Magic Eraser is a powerful multi-purpose cleaning pad that requires water alone to tackle messes. They swiped its innovative micro-bristles through soap scum, kitchen spills, inside microwaves and on dirty countertops. Read on for tips on where to use the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, and see how these versatile cleaning pads made BlogHer cleanups a cinch!

Deb from Mom of 3 Girls discovered that her Mr. Clean Magic Eraser made short work of cleaning up after messy kids in the bathroom.

Over at Because I said So, Dawn used the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser on her fridge shelves and drawers to get "the spilled, sticky juice-gunk" cleaned out.

After cleaning her very own crayon artwork off her wall, Metalia lost a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to her husband to clean his golf clubs.

Snickollet was looking forward to some "magical cleaning", and her Mr. Clean Magic Eraser held onto the crumby bits cleaned off her stove that her old sponge would leave behind.

At Finding Bonggamon, after easily removing 3 year old magic marker from her stair balusters, Bonggamom took the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser outside to remove grime from the wheels of her van.

Marilyn of Slackermama found that the nasty soap scum ring left after giving her children a bath is no match for the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.

The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser couldn't eraser her mother in law, but Dawn from Alex Year Two was able to tackle the guest bathroom - "aka the lair of the MIL for the next 10 days."

Using her Mr. Clean Magic Eraser with Febreze Freshness, FireMom from Stop, Drop and Blog found the scent, "light and friendly, something I would use in my home even if I wasn't scrubbing marks off of my wall."

Lotus, of Sarcastic Mom, made a video demonstrating how well her Mr. Clean Magic Eraser cleaned up her child's artwork that had stained the vinyl siding on their home.

The final reason that Sunshine, over at ...and the pursuit of happiness, likes her Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is that "It's ONE thing you get wet and start scrubbing with", making cleaning faster "so you can keep hopping around the internet!"

To remove more grime per swipe than the leading all purpose spray cleaner, reach for a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser®!

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser®

  • Wipe away filthy soap scum in the shower or the tub with Mr. Clean Magic Eraser
  • Use it to remove stains from the sides of plastic trash cans.
  • The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser can get through grime and scuff marks around the base of your toilet.
  • It can do away with stains and dirt covering the inside of your sink and the countertop surrounding it.
  • Use Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to erase dirt and scuff marks left on your floor.
  • Keep your home's interior doors, trim, and baseboard looking like new by using Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to remove scuff marks and dirt.
  • Erase coffee stains from countertops with the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.
  • You can even use it at the office to wipe away pesky residue on dry-erase boards and clean stains off your desk.
  • Use Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to clean up messes on your plastic or metal kitchen appliances.

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser® Extra Power

  •  Use Mr Clean Magic Eraser Extra Power to clean up grime on stovetops after cooking.
  • Wipe away kitchen messes on microwaves and countertops with the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser's 50% stronger concentrated cleaning power.*
  • Clean the inside and outside of windows without leaving a soapy residue.
  • Remove stubborn stains from your plastic or metal kitchen appliances such as refrigerators, blenders, etc.
  • Clean dirt and stains from vinyl siding on the exterior of your home.
  • Wipe away the grease and grime on car hubcaps and inside the interior dashboard and console.
  • Get rid of dirt and stains on pet cages.
    *vs. Magic Eraser Original

Mr. Clean® Magic Eraser Kitchen with Febreze® Freshness and Mr. Clean® Magic Eraser Bathroom with Febreze® Freshness

  • With Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Kitchen or Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Bathroom, you can power away grime and leave freshness.
  • Simply add water to clean dirt in and around your home. After getting it wet, squeeze it a couple of times to activate the built-in foaming cleaner.
  • Use Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Bathroom on your bath surfaces and watch it remove soap scum on your showers and tubs while leaving behind the fresh scent of Meadows & Rain™. It is perfect for cleaning up everyday dirt and residue around your bathroom sink, soap scum in the shower, and little bathroom messes as they happen.
  • Use Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Kitchen on your microwave, refrigerator, stovetop and counters*. It's great for erasing grease, baked on stains, and on many more everyday kitchen messes. Then enjoy the energizing scent of Citrus & Light™.
  • Mr. Clean Magic Eraser with Febreze Freshness isn't just for the kitchen or bathroom. Try your favorite scent to clean everyday dirt from walls, baseboards, metal and plastic items all around your home.
    * Rinse food contact surfaces with clean, potable water after cleaning.

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