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Shannon, author of "Rocks in My Dryer," is headed to Uganda with a group of other bloggers, including BooMama, part of Compassion International's Africa trip.  Shannon writes about parenting and faith, a generally  lighthearted blog, though she does get serious now and then.   You can learn more about Shannon at her about page.  I caught up her with for a brief interview about her forthcoming trip.

1.  Why are you going to Uganda?

Honestly?  Because Compassion asked me to.  I'm not sure I would've had the nerve to seek something like this out.  It's pretty far outside my comfort zone (wrote about that here and here).  I'm not an adventure-seeker or a world traveler--I'm a very normal mom who is overwhelmed by laundry and parenting and the ordinary-ness of life, and yet there's this great need.  So I'm stepping outside my comfort zone a little and seeing if I can do some good.

2.  Have you ever been to Uganda before?  What made you decide to go?

I've never even traveled overseas before.  Compassion is hosting this trip so that we can live-blog what they're doing in Uganda.  The hope is that we, and then our readers, will catch the vision of this important work and ultimately, that more sponsorships for children will be generated.

3.  What will you do there?  What do you hope to accomplish?

Daily we will be visiting various projects Compassion is running.  They are all child-centered, so we'll do a lot of playing with and talking to the kids.  We'll even get to go visit some of the Compassion kids in their homes.

4.  What are your biggest concerns or fears about the trip?

On a superficial level, I'm not wild about flying!  But I'm getting over it.  My biggest concern is that I will be able to find the right words to communicate what we're seeing.  We'll be seeing some of the most extreme poverty that exists anywhere on earth, and it's hard to imagine how we'll find the language to relay such suffering to people who aren't there.  My hope and prayer is that we'll be able to effectively be the eyes and ears of all our readers.

5.   What advice do you have for other activist, social change blogging going right to the source to live blog?

Honestly?  I'm so new to this I'm not sure have much advice to offer.  I will say how thankful I am to be doing this in affiliation with an organization like Compassion--they operate with great integrity and efficiency.  It's made the details of the come together very smoothly.

Beth Kanter, BlogHer CE for Social Change and NGOS, writes Beth's Blog.


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