#BlogHerFood15 Liveblog: Audit-Proof Your Blog

Audit-Proof Your Food Blog with Angele Lafond, Shoebox-Be-GoneDemystify finances and tax law by understanding how a few simple organizational tactics can help you keep your business expenses tax deductible and audit-friendly. You never knew finance could be so fascinating. "The accounting firm that speaks human" I help you with not only what you can claim, but what you can prove.  ...more

#BlogHerFood15 Liveblog: What Brands Will Pay For in 2016

What Will Brands Pay for in 2016 with Jenny Lauck, SheKnows Media and Three Kid CircusThe online media world is so rapidly evolving that last year's presentation on what brands will pay for already needs updating. Luckily our own head of publishing can tell you what's new, what's different, what's trending and what's fading.  ...more

#BlogHerFood15 Live Blog: Surviving Mobilegeddon

Surviving Mobilegeddon with Aimee Giese, Giese Media; GreeblehausFinally, you've probably heard of Mobilegeddon ... the changes to Google's algorithm that have messed with some of the biggest and best blogger's search engine juice. Understand the changes and how you should be updating your site to recover from them. ...more

#BlogHerFood15 Live Blog: The Welcome

#BlogHerFood15: Day OneBlogHer Session: WelcomeSpeaker 1: Elisa Camahort PageSpeaker 2: Samantha Skey  ...more

My Top Tips for Conference Travel

Are you one of the lucky people packing your bags for #BlogHerFood15 on November 5-6 in Chicago? Here are my tried-and-true tips for conference travel....more

November Notes Day 1

It's been a while since I have written.   Given that it's National Blog Posting Month, at least the traditional month of November, I thought I would start blogging again.  I don't have a planned theme this time, just thought I would write about whatever was topmost in my head that day.Today I thought I would start by writing a little bit about myself for those that don't know me, haven't follow me in the past, or who might have forgotten... I forget sometimes a little myself these days:...more

Latina Fabulous 2.0

The good news is, I don't feel like I'm floundering any more. I went to Blissdom Canada (#BlissdomCA) about two weeks ago and it helped me solidify my purpose. In case you didn't know, I was sick from March until the end of July.  I finally feel better, Not great.  Not super but better. And I'll take it. After months of chronic migraine and a bout of pneumonia to top it off, I'll take okay any day. ...more

Giving Money Away

Well, it is officially the Holiday Season so I am officially giving money away. On my personal blog if you leave a comment about a nonprofit you would like to double your donation to I will match up to $100. Simply put for the past 8 years I have typed, hyped, implored my google bots to give money and this year I am matching it for a total of $500. ...more

NBPM 1: A Rambling Introduction

a rambling introductionI had “the pressure ” written on my editorial calendar as today’s blog post topic. But during the night i decided to take@parenthesisoverload​’s example and start things off light and easy. Cause god knows there isn’t much in my life that’s light and easy right now. But this should be. ...more

What Prompt People