Announcing 2014-2015 Blog Bomb Awards

My blog is hosting a 2014 to 2015 Blog Bomb Awards. While there are so many awards out there for top bloggers, including BlogHer Voices of the Year, the Blog Bomb Awards take a raunchy, humorous approach highlighting the best of the worst of the internet....more

Dec 5 2014 - part 2

So earlier I sat outside and kicked my little feet up and watched a beautiful sunset. Of course, I had to laugh…no…not at my feet and socks, but if you look close at the second picture…does it not look like two AT-ATs roaming around over there?? Am I the only nerd who thinks these things?...more

Dec 5 2014 - Hola from Pensacola Florida!

GREETINGS!!!So, I had a very lovely 2 hour drive down here to Pensacola Beach. The pictures are the view from my room. LOVELY!The drive was nice, its a beautiful day and traffic wasn’t bad, but then, I took back country roads most of the way anyway....more

Blogher Pro 2014, San Francisco... from my heart...because I know not everyone could have attended

THE ARRIVALPort Of Spain, Piarco Airport...more
Jenny Lauck Thank you Jenny.....Glad to touch you.more

5 More Thoughts to Inspire You from BlogHer PRO '14

Day Two of BlogHer PRO '14 didn't disappoint. Attendees tweeted up a storm, sharing relevant and pertinent information with each other and their followers. Our speakers once again took to the stage and shared their expertise and experience. We're sharing another five great tweets that will inspire you today... to do something tomorrow. Read on! ...more
Aww, thanks. It was a pleasure to speak yesterday.more

Dec 4 2014 - ROAD TRIP!!!

Okay, so maybe I went a little overboard on the meme’s. Come on…they’re CATS!!!...more

5 Bits Of Wisdom From Day One at BlogHer PRO '14

BlogHer PRO '14 kicked off today in Silicon Valley. As always, our attendees took to Twitter to share the words that most resonated with them from each speaker. Anyone following along with the #BlogHerPRO14 hashtag learned something today. I know I learned a lot! We've complied five important tweets today that you may want to take to heart, share around, and keep in mind as you look toward 2015. ...more
What a great conference! So glad i set aside the time to attend. Great takeaways and action ...more

Dec 3 2014 - Help me?

Dec 3 2014 - Doctors Appointments

I have a doctors appointment today down in the city. I love my doctors, all of them, honestly.What I don’t love is the typical ‘your appointment is at 2:30′ but you actually wont be seen until 3:15, and that’s just the nurse taking your vitals and telling you the doctor will be with you in a minute....more

Dec 2 2014 - Motivation 0

Lack of motivation today = 1Me = 0I had plans for today. Coffee shop, writing, blogging, etc…How did my day go? Well, I got up and nearly ready to head out to the coffee shop at around 8am this morning.How did my day progress? Well, I was back in bed by 9am this morning....more