What Happens when a NORMAL BLOGGER Goes to #BlogHer14

      While many bloggers love the anonymity of living behind a computer, personally, I love being around people. ...more
LindaCSmith Yay for normal bloggers!  :)  It's so nice to know that there are so many of us out ...more

last minute chance for a free e-book

Hello DIY devotees! Today is the last day you can enter to win a free download of a fantastic new e-book, all about tips & tricks for furniture painting. You can see my personal review of this great book on my blog (link below). To enter, just share the heck out of it and let me know you did. The author is giving away five copies, winners announced tonight. http://lazywmarie.com/brand-spankin-new-e-book-by-refunk-my-junk/Lessons learned, dreams fulfilled, adventures shared~Marie at the Lazy W ...more

Showing up at BlogHer14 and a DIY Poem

From the moment I registered, to this moment, BlogHer14 was about showing up as a real blogger. Blogging itself isn’t new to me, but my new venture, fifty|fifty vision, was my deep dive into the blogosphere of connectivity, monetization, and hopeful book deals.I had no idea where I fit, or where I even wanted to fit, and BlogHer14 was how I intended to figure it out....more

The Un-Recap BlogHer Recap

I arrived alone, and I left alone. In between I built on past relationships and set the foundation for new ones, but ultimately it was me. Alone. Like I am all day, every day. Just me....more
Elisa Camahort :) Thank you.more

Voices from BlogHer '14

When people ask me how BlogHer '14 was last week, I get speechless....more

Fun with child included at SeaWorld San Antonio

Where in the World….in the Sea do I begin!? How about Sea World + Aquatica-San Antonio, Texas. It had to have a zip code of its’ own. There must be a whole city dedicated to the park alone.  Exciting, adventurous, time and money well spent. It was a day of exhilarating amusement that stimulated all of our senses in something educational as well as fun! Stupendous performances that blows life into your appreciation for the sea and sea life. ...more

BlogHer14: My Whole Experience Shoved in One Post... from Outfits to Almost Body-Checking Rev Run

If you’re curious about what I ALMOST named this post and how it went wrong (so, so wrong), check out my Facebook post. Also, while you’re over there… click “like” on my page because every time I get a new fan I do a weird little dance. And maybe I’ll make a video for you, because one thing I learned at BlogHer is that I need to start making videos…...more

Why Did The Blogger Cross The Road?

The streets of San Jose are expansive lanes of cars zipping this way and that, each rushing to their individual destination. Standing on the corner, a bit intimidated by this new city, I watched from the safety of the sidewalk as drivers travelled their path. I wondered what their journey entailed on a Friday morning in the middle of summer. Where were they coming from? Where were they going?...more

That Time A Baby Brand Gave Away Candy Pills And Why It Was Wrong

I know, my posts about Blogher go on and on. But really. This needs to be talked about.Bright Starts - you know, the baby product company? - had these sealed bags at their booth at Blogher '14. I assumed it was maybe a baby toy and some PR information. Boy was I wrong.That's a bold move Cotton, let's see if it pans out... (Dodgeball)...more

BlogHer 2014 Recap: 8 Things I Learned from the Conference

I was so excited to be able to attend the BlogHer 2014 Conference this year. It did not disappoint. I really enjoyed it and looking forward to attending more BlogHer conferences in the future....more