Renee Matthews Writes for Black and Married with Kids

Dr. Renee Matthews, blogger at Ask Dr. Renee, is one of the newest writers for She will be sharing health information with their readers. ...more

Vagina: And other words I teach my daughter.

Yes,  you read that correctly.My 3 year old Little knows the word "Vagina"  She also knows "Boobies, "Breasts" and "Penis"...more

BLESSINGS (Originally Written in 1980 Sitting At The Kitchen Counter)

I have one cup of coffee that lasts me all day, one thousand thoughts I haven’t time to say.We’re raising two children...need I say more?  The phone rings, the baby cries, oh God, now the door!My three year old yells at me, “I don’t like you, I don’t like you it’s true,” But whatever I did I most certainly had to.She can’t quite swing by herself just yet, but can always find something she wants as a pet....more

Jenee Darden Speaks about Robin Williams' Suicide and Living with Depression

Jenee Darden, who blogs at Cocoa Fly, was interviewed on camera by her local TV news station about her thoughts about Robin Williams' death and her own experience living with depression. ...more
Thanks Chris!more

Yum! Almond Coconut Bars by Jenica Parcell

Jenica Parcell, blogger at A Slice of Style, demonstrated her Almond Coconut Bar recipe live on Good Things Utah's kitchen segment. ...more

Maeghan Lovejoy Featured in Maine Women + More!

Maeghan Lovejoy, who blogs at The Way to His Heart, was featured in an article by Maine Women magazine about summer strawberries and her blog. ...more

Boo, School

I'm anxious. Maybe my ADD meds are too strong.  Maybe my thyroid meds are off. Damn,  it sucks to be old.  I've had this looming sense of dred for the past week or two.   It's because school is coming, and it's going to take away the people I love most.  I won't get to be with them.  We will have to have less fun. Make fewer memories.  It's like raising them... is partly over. Damn, I hate school.  I hate that my kids are gone all day. ...more

Blogger Hayley Parker on Good Morning America

Hayley Parker was featured in a Good Morning America story, "Secrets to Becoming a Mad Dessert Genius." She blogs at The Domestic Rebel. ...more
This is very cool! It's great to see bloggers making big moves. It means, that there's a growing ...more

What’s Your Potion…? – by Carey Lea

What’s Your Potion…?...more

Lisa Fain's Article Was Featured in the New York Times + More!

Lisa Fain's article, "Eating Across Texas, Puffy Tacos to Frito Pie" was featured in the New York Times Travel section. Lisa blogs at Homesick Texan. ...more
I'm a Texas Foodie too! I judge The Texas State Fair food every year!  LOVE IT!more