Wondering About the Best Type of Sex to Have This Summer?

Kait Scalisi of Passion by Kait was interviewed by Redbook for an article on the best summer sex. ...more

I'm doing a HUGE book giveaway!

Hi all, I am collaborating with Black Girl Nerds to do a HUGE book giveaway! That's right, I am giving away each of my three books, in both electronic and paperback format: ...more

Tiffany McCauley Award-Winning Cookbook, Clean Eating Freezer Meals

Tiffany McCauley, blogger at The Gracious Pantry, won a bronze medal in the Independent Publisher Book Awards for her cookbook, Clean Eating Freezer Meals. ...more

How to Make a YouTube Banner

By now, everyone should have the new layout for their YouTube channels. Whether you love it or loathe it, the new channel design seems to be sticking around for the long run. Or, at least until YouTube changes it again causing creators to literally explode with rage.Since the new layout will be settling in for a while, we here at NMR decided to rehash YouTube’s updated channel art guidelines for all of you still sporting pitiful default banners. Also, if you are in a TL; DR kind of mood, you can check out a spiffy tutorial video courtesy of YouTube above....more

Mother's Day is Different When Grandma Lives in Another Country

I’ve never spent a Mother’s Day with either of my grandmothers. Not because I don’t love and cherish them, but because they live in Taiwan, and I have lived my entire life in the United States. Like many children of immigrants, our world is connected — by airmail, phone calls, plane trips, and now the Internet — but still half a world away. Me, with my maternal grandmother, Image Credit: Grace Hwang Lynch...more

What Are We Thinking?

What exactly goes on in the minds of those crusading against something - or the other?What goes on in the minds of film makers who are busy panning up and down the item girl's leg in an attempt to distract the hapless audience from a non existent story line?What goes on in the minds of the audience paying for that PVR ticket to watch 2 and half hours of trash, only to come outside and watch for expressions before delivering the verdict?...more

Kelly Dixon's New Book on Crafts for Kids Released

Kelly Dixon of Smart School House had her new book, Smart School House Crafts for Kids: Year-round Projects for Holidays, Parties & More, released on April 14th. ...more

Christina Berchini Teaches You What Not to Say About Street Harrassment

Christina Berchini of Hey, College Kid! recently had her post, "#HeForShe: What Not To Say When A Women Speaks Of Street Harassment," featured on Elite Daily. ...more
Thrilled to see this! Thank you, Blogher!more

Amazing Women: Dr Andrea Marshall, a true Pioneer

Dr. Andrea Marshall is one of the leading marine scientists and pioneers of our time.  Growing up in California, she learned to dive at age 12, and like many marine enthusiasts, her first interest was in shark conservation.  On a vacation to Mozambique Andrea discovered a stunning aggregation of manta rays off the eastern African coast.  There had virtually been no research on these incredibly large and charismatic animals, and Andrea was fascinated by the friendly giants....more