#19 - A couple therapy

I was married since six years, and it is a short period of time to have someone ignoring you, masturbating front of pornography and not willing to have sex. I was sure to be the causes and the reasons of his absolute disinterest.....more
Elaine, The break was last year and I had made no decisions. Marriage is not everything, but it ...more

Sarina from TriniGourmet is on the Cover of Metro Magazine

METRO, Trinidad and Tobago's #1 fashion and lifestyle magazine, recently interviewed Sarina from TriniGourmet and featured her on their cover. ...more

Advocating For Large Families

A prompt on a health website asked,“Are you an advocate for any cause?”I sputtered to my self,“I am not an advocate for anything or anybody!”Immediately after that statement, a new idea popped into my mind,“Hey, wait a minute. I stand up for large families in modern society!”...more

Garrett McCord's New Book, Melt, is Now Available + More!

Garrett McCord from Vanilla Garlic wrote a book with blogger Stephanie Stiavetti.  Melt is available now, and you can read BlogHer's interview with both authors here. ...more

Trending Now: Solar Eclipse, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga

   See that little badge up there? It's driving me crazy and it's only Day 3. Day 3 of what? Of the worst flu-like, crappy illness I have had in months. Of the NaBloPoMo, I'd tell you what it's short for but my head hurts too much and I can't remember. All I know is that if I blog every day for the month of November, one of three things will happen:I will win an iPad Mini or 2 tickets to the 10th annual BlogHer Conference in San Jose, CA.The many people reading my posts will find me wildly entertaining, I will gain a gazillion followers, Ellen will notice me and I will be a guest on her show.I will realize I stink at this and quit....more

Pilar Hernandez on Univision + More!

Pilar Hernandez from En mi cocina hoy was interviewed for Univision Houston's Biz segment. Here's the link (in Spanish). ...more

Vegan Delish App is Burning Up iTunes + More!

Carrie Forrest of Carrie on Vegan released a recipe app for iPhones and iPads that has been in the iTunes App Store top 25 Food & Drink apps since its release. Her app, Vegan Delish, features over 130 whole food, plant-based recipes with mouth-watering photos, social media sharing, and a digital shopping list. ...more

Confession of a Career Hopper

I have moments of extreme fear - fear of being exposed as a complete fraud....more

Pauline Campos Teams up with NPR + More!

Pauline Campos from AspiringMama has teamed up with NPR's Latino USA to dispense some more solicited advice on her new regular advice segment called #LatinoProblems. The monthly segment is in partnership with Latina Magazine where she writes the #dimelo online and in-book column.  #LatinoProblems debuted recently, airing a segment recorded at the Latism '13 conference in New York City. ...more

White on Rice Couple Have a New Cookbook Out + More

Diane Cu and Todd Porter, authors of the blog White On Rice Couple, have a cookbook available for pre-order on Amazon.  Bountiful: Recipes Inspired by Our Garden features 90 brand new recipes you won't find on their blog.  It hits bookstores near you on October 15th. ...more