White on Rice Couple Have a New Cookbook Out + More

Diane Cu and Todd Porter, authors of the blog White On Rice Couple, have a cookbook available for pre-order on Amazon.  Bountiful: Recipes Inspired by Our Garden features 90 brand new recipes you won't find on their blog.  It hits bookstores near you on October 15th. ...more

Susi Cornish Featured on Project Runway and More!

Susi Cornish of Just Crafty Enough was one of eight Super Fan/models selected for the current season of Project Runway.  They flew her to NYC, gave her a makeover, and one of the designers created a dress for her as a challenge on the show. Susi co-hosts the Project Project Runway challenge, where members do every Project Runway challenge on dolls. ...more

Ricki Heller's New Book on Gluten-Free Desserts is Out

Ricki Heller's latest book, Naturally Sweet and Gluten-Free, hit both online and bookstore shelves earlier this month.  You'll find Ricki at RickiHeller.com. ...more

BlogHer Co-Founders on FORTUNE's Powerful Women List

We're very excited that BlogHer's co-founders have been added to the list of FORTUNE's Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs!...more
Congratulations!! You all have been at the forefront of a movement that has empowered so many ...more

Robyn Welling's Anthology Hits #1 on Amazon as a Hot New Release + More

Robyn Welling of Hollow Tree Ventures co-wrote the just-released humor anthology You Have Lipstick On Your Teeth and Other Things You'll Only Hear From Your Friends In The Powder Room, and is proud to report that it's a #1 Hot New Release on Amazon. ...more
Thank you for the mention - we're all so proud of the book and how many laughs people are ...more

The Difference Between High Temperature and Low Temperature Glue Guns

Something I've always wanted to know and thought I would share to all the crafters out there! ...more
Thanks for this...I'm a big crafter, but for some reason, I randomly purchase whatever glue gun ...more

Who Purchased The Washington Post And How Can Breast Cancer Patients Benefit ... Neurogenesis

Who Purchased The Washington Post And How Can Breast Cancer Patients Benefit  Barron’s Medical Journal Robert Graham Ph.D. Reporting from Rice University Houston, Texas USA (Global Newswire ) ( PRNewswire )Who Purchased The Washington Post And How Can Breast Cancer Patients Benefit...more

Michelle Funez Featured In The San Francisco Chronicle + More!

Diary of an Aspiring Loser blogger Michelle Funez is featured on the cover of the San Francisco Chronicle's In Marin section. ...more

BlogHer BlogMe BlogU

BLOGHER BLOGME BLOGU I have returned!(From that convention I mentioned a while back- you know- the Blogging conventionBlogHer13 in Chicago). I have returned hunched over, hungover, and happy. I have returned with a slew of new friends, a shitload of swag, and a pocket full of 'contacts'....more
"don't forget your Zoloft." lmao that made my daymore

Courtney Westlake's Daughter Featured on ABC World News + More!

Blessed by Brenna blogger Courtney Wesklake's daughter was featured on a segment on ABC World News with Diana Sawyer in June as part of a story on TinySuperheroes. ...more