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I'm excited and a lil' nervous. Learning lots already and happy to be in writing company.more

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I'm going to try my best :Dmore

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Oh my, Oh my!i guess i'm in! I haven't written in years and I have only made 3 blog posts on my ...more

Working my way around the world....

I'm a pretty ordinary person. Ordinary childhood, brought up with Mum, Dad, two sisters one brother in the north then southside of Glasgow, Scotland. Normal schooling, didn't do too badly in my leaving exams (if I say so myself), decided to take a break before further education. Went to College for a year then worked with children with epilepsy and associated learning disabilities in England. Moved back to Scotland, met the Mister, went to Uni and became a Social Worker....more
Next instalment please xxxxmore

Curiosity, Entertainment and Learning

Walt Disney was a refreshing  philosopher who expressed wonderful wisdom with a touch of whimsy. I would rather entertain and hope that people learned something than educate people and hope they were entertained.When you’re curious, you find lots of interesting things to do....more

Home Alone... At Last!

They are GONEshe says as she gives a little happy dance, trying to contain her giddyness until the truck drives away......more

You Can’t Know

You can’t know. You can only believe- C.S. Lewis in  The Voyage of the Dawn Treader The Joy of Mothering &...more

Diachronic Paradigm

Ed's wife, Catholic, English teacher, tea drinker, Democrat...more

The Towncrier calls

Rolls out the drums of plight, He did with all his might, The tears of the soil dropped on his legs, Hear me out, he begs, His knowledge is as of a potter, Moulding out terra cotta pots, He called out fiercely in their language, The rat in the clay houses would hear, The messenger called in fear, Fear for the message must be conveyed, The burden he had to bear, He called for he had been sent, I speak of a middle-aged one, The sun burns spoke of his age, Calling for he had to pass on my message, He cried out in rage, Calling for my thoughts for a bunch, ...more


There are three womenThat changes a man's lifeThe mistake, his mistakeAnd the one he finally ends up withThough many may comeAs false encounters His eyes shall never closeDue to the changes that occur,Soft on the skinSad in the eyesSmooth in the walkSleek in the talkThese ladies make himThe damage one can bring...more

The Going-For-It Rule

I have decided to go for it. When I first started my blog a few months ago I did so for fun, because I kept having ideas I wanted to write about and I love writing. I didn't want to have any pressure or any have to's....more

Challenge Accepted!

After more than three years of writing about my successful recovery journey from daily drinking to living alcohol-free, you may think I have run out of new insights to share. No one is more surprised than me that the opposite is true. My growth continues, new truths are regularly discovered as to my delight I find yet another way that the lessons of recovery pertain to so much more than what is in my glass....more

Keep Your Pets from Getting Scared This Halloween

Holidays can be a stressful time for our pets, and each one brings a new set of challenges. Halloween is no exception. A few simple tweaks to your Halloween routine, however, can go a long way toward keeping your pets safe....more
Well be sure to post a link here so the people reading this conversation can see it. :)more