Girl. Woman. Girl. Girl. Girl. Girl.

She was 14, maybe. Her mom or caregiver yanked her by the arm, and hissed, "What is wrong with you?"  ...more

My Version of Motherhood

Editor's Note: Writing -- whether it's for long pieces or a quick-hit NaBloPoMo post -- is all about dedication. It takes a real commitment to sit, focus, tune out the world, and put your stories on the page. This post was about setting a timer for ...more

Too Much Stuff: An All-American Problem

Editor's Note: This NaBloPoMo post was originally published on November 9, 2015. ...more

Make Your Thanksgiving Memorable or Drive the Guests Away With These 9 Tips

And there are the social dynamics to consider: Who should sit by whom? Little Janie is in 6th grade now and has the start of teen angst, is she going to be offended by having to sit at the kids' table? Will all of my relatives get along, or will ...more

When Your Dog Awkwardly Kills Your Other Pet

No better way to ruin a tea party than to have your pet casually murder your other pet. ...more

What's Next After #NaBloPoMo? Introducing the BlogHer Writing Lab

Big changes are underway for lovers of #NaBloPoMo! Like NaNoWriMo, #NaBloPoMo will now own November and only November. But that doesn't mean NaBloPoMo is disappearing during the other eleven months of the year. Oh, no. It's only getting better. ...more
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Don't Lose Confidence in Your Writing

I do believe in the power of what you tell yourself, but affirmation can only go so far. What will carry you through to the other side is the decision to become a fighter. You can't go down and if you start to slip, you can't stop coming back up for yourself. The first thing you fight is the thought of giving up. ...more
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December 2015 BlogHer Writing Lab Theme Is Tradition

So what is the first BlogHer Writing Lab theme of the month? ...more
Yay! I must say yesterday I was going through NaBloPoMo withdrawal and wrote a post titled "The ...more

Writing Lab - Passion (Day 2)

In Response toBlogHer Writing Lab’sTuesday, February 2, 2016How do you find a new passion?...more

Passion Police

 February is a month to blog about Passion. What you are passionate about? Who are you passionate about? What fuels your passions and stuff like that? Blah blah, love, passion, moon, spoon, June. Not feeling it. But I am only 5 days into the month so anything is possible....more

The little Mrs. Big Bear

If you ever took the time to look in behind a nondescript door tucked away in a noisy, crowded city where either there is too much character or not at all,there are not many chances you would find little Mrs. Big Bear. She is awkward, and quite out of place. She isn't a very groomed Mrs. at all. Not hairy enough for a Bear....more

In a rut

It is the 27th day of January in the year 2016 and I am officially in a New Year's rut. My 2015 ended with my health being in a pretty crappy space and it interfered with my ability to embrace this New Year. I am still in a place of unknowing with regard to my intestinal distress but I had a GI doctor tell me that in the realm of patients seen at his practice, I am considered very healthy. As if this was supposed to make me feel better. Which it did not. It infuriated me. And that confused me....more

Middle Eastern Cauliflower Omelet

This is one of many easy recipes I have for weeknight dinner after a long day at work! I love making this dish that I grow up eating. Very easy to make and easy to eat, served with pita bread, roasted potato and easy to prepare salad, I guarantee  your family will love it. 11 Eggs1/2 minced fresh Parsley1/2 cup minced Onion1/2 cup minced Cilantro1 tbsp. Salt1/4 tbsp... Black Pepper4 tbsp....more

Trust & Exhale

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Writing Lab - Balance (Day 12)

In Response toBlogHer Writing Lab’sJanuary (Balance) PromptMonday, January 18, 2016It's midway through the month. Are you still keeping your resolutions? ...more

BlogHer – Writing Lab (Balance) Day 11

TGIF Everyone!Today’s BlogHer Writing Lab prompt asks the question, “During an average day, do you communicate more with people online or offline?”....more

Writing Lab – Balance (Day 8)

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Question Of The Day

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