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My Super Sensory Orgasm Inducing Feet

I like being barefoot. I always have. I love the feel of my feet on tile, slate, cold marble and polished wood. Even rough wood—just no splinters of course. I love the feel of my feet sinking in the sand as the waves wash over them. I love the feel of my feet in soft moist soil. Grass, the soft kind—I love my feet on that. I love tearing up the grass with my toes sometimes. I love how it feels when my feet try to make sense out of a shag rug, with all the fibers going every which way, my toes trying to figure out which ones to grab....more

Got Charlie can feel like your faith

Got Charlie can feel like your faith feel clear the Thunder to have a sore a acne treatment in it of this is four times when I'm like a Aktive AM  but right now I'm pretty much like completely clear like there's no point in putting harsh chemicals on my face cut Acme phases over so this is good for peacetime during wartime were times I'm bureau I think that the clear cell daily clear fresh ink super fruit watch and I'm you this why....more

Don't worry, be hoppy

Nope, not a typo - I meant hoppy. I promise it will make sense when I'm done. What doesn't make sense (or does it? *grin*) is that I've noticed the blog entries I've written as my alter ego, Catherine Trevor (aka InternetG33k) have garnered more attention than my non-fiction stuff. For the moment, I will continue posting a few of my favorite G33k entries, then I will seriously consider resurrecting my fictional self for future installments.Don’t Worry, Be HoppyPosted by InternetGeek at October 7, 2005 06:16 PM...more

Ferguson, America Stands with You

Last night, I sat in the living room with my wife, my mother-in-law and my nephew.  Secure in the bosom of my family, we turned on the television and watched the reaction of Ferguson, Missouri following a grand jury’s refusal to indict the police officer responsible for the death of Mike Brown.  We watched President Obama’s brief remarks, after which my wife commented that our commander in chief didn’t seem very pleased with the events of the day....more

NaBloPoMo Day TwentyFive: On Books

Around and around we go...

We've just sent the last November issue of the paper to the press, and that leaves four more issues to produce this year. The next few weeks will be filled with shopping, giving, baking, decorating--all things American Christmas.  During the holiday season, I'll cover as many Christmas events as possible. January is time to haul ourselves back onto the wagon of self-restraint.  We'll work hard for a few weeks to set goals, to organize, to lose weight, or stop some bad habit....more


Well, it is Tuesday, and I have been away from home and my guy for just over a week. I miss home. I miss him. This always happens on a Tuesday - Mars day - so it isn't really a surprise.I called last night, a little weepy, and his reply, "It's five o clock, you probably have low blood sugar. Go eat something!"Such a romantic that guy.Actually he is a romantic, just not when I have low blood sugar. Then he is just practical.I like that about him....more

Nov 25 Ferguson and Human Relations

Nov 25 Human Relations Class and Ferguson     In the training as a teacher in the college I attended, we were required to take human relations classes.  As teachers, we were expected to know how to defuse anger, to handle flaring emotions, to deal with controversy. ...more

2014.11.24 Majestic Falls

After lunch we got back on the trail. We were heading towards Majestic falls, but saw this cute little one on the way:Moss, ferns and mushrooms were everywhere.And then beautiful Majestic Falls, a 39 foot waterfall (almost 12 meters). ...more

Alarming Thanksgiving Tradition

Family traditions…everyone has them. Some are sweet and heart-warming - the kind that elicit an “AHHHHH” when you share with friends. And some are…well…just different. The kind you tell ONLY your closest friends in fear of being labeled as crazy or strange. Regardless of the nature of the tradition…it’s something your family holds dear. Ours is one of those DIFFERENT traditions. Prepare yourself…this could get messy! ...more