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How NaBloPoMo Feels... in 16 Pictures

This month is the largest National Blog Posting Month. If you are wondering what it is like to do NaBloPoMo, here's an explanation in 16 pictures. ...more
Ashwini Well, BlogHer actually does one every month -- November is just the "big deal" one. I ...more

Writers Need Feedback: The Difference Between Blog Posts and Books

I once had lunch with a writer, someone I knew well from high school, who had brought her play for me to read while I was sitting in front of her. The play was cleverly written; it was a roman à clef – or, perhaps more properly, une pièce de theatre à clef. It was about office politics that she had experienced, and there was a vampire replete with cape and the other accoutrements of vampiredom. ...more
I agree with you about the need for feedback and I hear what others are saying about the pros ...more

How to Find Your Authentic Voice

When I was in elementary school, I declared that I'd be a writer. By high school, though, I was sure I'd go to law school. That too, changed over the years. In college, I had a professor ask me to consider switching my major to English because she enjoyed my writing so much; it would be a "waste of time" to pursue anything else. I wondered if she was high. (To be clear, I hadn't yet declared a major, so, perhaps I was high. No, really. Maybe I was. It was the late '90s and I don't need your judgment. Great, now I'm off track.) ...more
Love your post! I can so relate. Thank you for sharing. I couldn't agree more. Especially, the ...more

Simple Sunday: Ruminations

I spent a few minutes this morning reading from one of my favorite childhood books, one called Little House in the Big Woods, by Laura Ingalls Wilder. As I start to write this blog, it occurs to me that I usually write about the same sort of things that Wilder did. She focused a lot on the natural world around her, and she wrote about family, farming, growing and preserving food, etc. Her family butchered hogs, smoked venison, and salted down barrels of fish, enough to last through the winter. They stored root vegetables in a cellar....more

#FeminismIn100Words – the whole shebang

Over the last week I have posted 100 words a day about feminism. Here they are all together. What can you say about feminism in 100 words? The lips, the teeth, the tip of the tongue…There has been a lot of talk about whether or not the words ‘feminism’ and‘feminist’ have lost their purpose....more

Untold, But Finding

November 24, 2014...more

Tips On Being a Healthier You

Humans are wonderful creatures, capable of learning and discovering and growing, yet we still are always looking for that “quick fix”.  With everything.  Ok, I realize as a whole we are all pretty busy, but is that a reason for excuses and shortcuts?  Particularly when it comes to our health.  If being healthy is so important to us, why are we always looking for a quick fix?...more

Engaging Stories and Authors to Binge On

If you have seen my work, then you know that I am easily entertained. I create doodles, write short stories, or share personal thoughts via haiku. I tend to indulge in popular literature and culture be it written, spoken, filmed, or painted. ...more

Day 23 NaBloPoMo; Fighting the Fear of the Unknown.

From another post you may know that these past two weeks I pretty much gave up being an avid Mac User.  I've been able to upload to CreateSpace by finding work-a-rounds so I can have page numbers in the outside corners and the Book Title in the header on the left page and chapter title on the right but most importantly I need margins so my words don't get caught in the gutter of book binding.  ...more

Purse Cookies

Once again, the day is saved thanks to... Purse Cookies! ...more

How to Survive Thanskgiving

With Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays coming up, I often feel overwhelmed with self-sacrificing tasks.  I hate being such a downer with holidays, but I really dislike hanging out with my husband's side of the family.  They are perfectly nice people but they just don't get me at all.  Every family gathering is awkward and tensions between my husband and I reach angry crying levels.  The biggest issue is my husband displacing all his hopes on people that disappoint him.  He takes it out on me or our two sons.  It happens every holiday.  This year, I decid...more

UnPickled Readers' Survey

 It's official. After 23 consecutive days of posting, I am sick of my own words. So I shall turn it over to you, friendly readers.Please enjoy some quiet moments of reflection as you take this completely anonymous survey. I will compile the results and share them in the days to come: Visit my blog for more posts, plus tons of reader comments, links and resources:...more

10 Positive Money Affirmations

Money is pervasive in our lives and winds its way through all of our thoughts. More often than not, these thoughts are negative and induce a state of panic or worry.  The stories we tell ourselves directly impact the future that we create and so it is important to make sure that these stories are full of hope....more