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How NaBloPoMo Feels... in 16 Pictures

This month is the largest National Blog Posting Month. If you are wondering what it is like to do NaBloPoMo, here's an explanation in 16 pictures. ...more
Ashwini Well, BlogHer actually does one every month -- November is just the "big deal" one. I ...more

Writers Need Feedback: The Difference Between Blog Posts and Books

I once had lunch with a writer, someone I knew well from high school, who had brought her play for me to read while I was sitting in front of her. The play was cleverly written; it was a roman à clef – or, perhaps more properly, une pièce de theatre à clef. It was about office politics that she had experienced, and there was a vampire replete with cape and the other accoutrements of vampiredom. ...more
I agree with you about the need for feedback and I hear what others are saying about the pros ...more

How to Find Your Authentic Voice

When I was in elementary school, I declared that I'd be a writer. By high school, though, I was sure I'd go to law school. That too, changed over the years. In college, I had a professor ask me to consider switching my major to English because she enjoyed my writing so much; it would be a "waste of time" to pursue anything else. I wondered if she was high. (To be clear, I hadn't yet declared a major, so, perhaps I was high. No, really. Maybe I was. It was the late '90s and I don't need your judgment. Great, now I'm off track.) ...more
Love your post! I can so relate. Thank you for sharing. I couldn't agree more. Especially, the ...more

The Darkness

The DarknessPhotography101: Pop of colourThe heavily varnished purple door of the Victorian building started to swing towards the glinting sunlight as chubby fingers with scraps of pink glittery varnish wrapped around the centralized brass acorn shaped door furnishing giving it a hefty tug....more

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air: There's the Rub

Carlton and Hilary volunteer at a homeless shelter on Thanksgiving, but they are only doing it to serve their own needs. Carlton wants the volunteer service for his college application and Hilary wants to film the experience for her talk show. Carlton picks a fight with a young homeless Brad from Home Improvement. Brad puts him in his place for being so stuck up, but then he says he was only kidding....more

Minecraft vs. Study Island - (part 2)

A blog title should accurately lure the reader.  I often come up with a title and change it after finishing the blog.  Sometimes I would try catchy clever titles.  Sometimes I make it simple and direct.  One of my most viewed blogs had the word "Minecraft."  My boys play this video game all day, every day.  They do well in school, so having one addiction is not that harmful,  right?  They are also interested in coding and learning more about computers....more


My brother is visiting in two weeks, and we are excited to see him, particularly the Boy. He loves his uncle, I think because my brother is at the same mental level as my nine year old....more

8 Great Holiday Skirts

The holidays are fast approaching. I’ve curated a selection of basic black with a few other pretty textures and patterns.Available at Anthropologie...more

Why I Finally Gave Up On Gotham

I’ve done it. I finally decided to give up on Gotham, this season’s new Batman-origin-story drama on Fox. I watched since the beginning, but fell behind a few weeks ago. Finally, I bit the bullet: I deleted the remaining unwatched episodes off my DVR and took it off my recording schedule. ...more

#NaBloPoMo 2014: Day 24: Rectangle Skyline

Pittsburgh skyline...more

Day 23 - Be Still

Lake Roosevelt, 10/2009 vb ...more

It's OK (Haiku)

It's ok to feel Not ok - it's not ok To not feel at all.It's way more ok To feel way ok about It all. That's ok.To be ok withOk and not ok is One kind of ok:It's inside ok. And inside ok becomes Outside ok. Always.Keiko Mulligan

33 Random Things I'm Thankful For. cap off my lovely birthday weekend here's a list of 33 random things I'm thankful for....more