Girl. Woman. Girl. Girl. Girl. Girl.

She was 14, maybe. Her mom or caregiver yanked her by the arm, and hissed, "What is wrong with you?"  ...more

My Version of Motherhood

Editor's Note: Writing -- whether it's for long pieces or a quick-hit NaBloPoMo post -- is all about dedication. It takes a real commitment to sit, focus, tune out the world, and put your stories on the page. This post was about setting a timer for ...more

Too Much Stuff: An All-American Problem

Editor's Note: This NaBloPoMo post was originally published on November 9, 2015. ...more

Make Your Thanksgiving Memorable or Drive the Guests Away With These 9 Tips

And there are the social dynamics to consider: Who should sit by whom? Little Janie is in 6th grade now and has the start of teen angst, is she going to be offended by having to sit at the kids' table? Will all of my relatives get along, or will ...more

When Your Dog Awkwardly Kills Your Other Pet

No better way to ruin a tea party than to have your pet casually murder your other pet. ...more

How My Son Got Me to Work Out at the Crack of Dawn

Editor's note: Working out on a regular (or even semi-reg) basis is kind of like taking part in NaBloPoMo. You have to show up and do the work every day, no excuses. This post was originally published on November 17. --Nicole ...more

12 of My Favorite Thanksgiving Books for Kids

Editor's Note: Watching kids getting deep into books is always a treat. And seeing them get excited to learn or laugh -- or both! -- about holidays like Thanksgiving is pretty high up there, too. This NaBloPoMo piece offers up some great choices for children's books about Thanksgiving. It was originally published on November 15. --Nicole ...more

My Version of Motherhood

Editor's Note: Writing -- whether it's for long pieces or a quick-hit NaBloPoMo post -- is all about dedication. It takes a real commitment to sit, focus, tune out the world, and put your stories on the page. This post was about setting a timer for five minutes and letting the words flow; no editing, no second-guessing. And it's an honest, thoughtful piece. This post was originally published on November 15. --Nicole ...more
I really enjoyed reading this and will try the 5 minute activity! I totally agree, the social ...more

This is where I Write (with a capital W)

  It's so important to find a good writing spot, don't you think?   It's certainly not impossible to write without one, of course. You can put pen-to-paper or fingertips-to-keyboard pretty much anywhere. Even the cavefolks managed it way back when it was hammer-to-chisel-to-cave-wall. If you want to communicate something badly enough, you'll find some way to do it. But if you really want to write from your guts, you need a good spot to do it in.   ...more

First Tux

Rites of passage for a teenager include acne, moodiness, heavy homework load, prom, driving, college essays, growing taller than the parents and probably more if you asked a teenager and they were honest. The one thing I did not expect to be a milestone, a first tux....more

3 Reasons why you need to Unfollow people who give you Negative Energy.!

We come across many people in a daily basis, all of them have their own opinions. We respect everyone and their beliefs, that's what a civilized society expects from us.  But on social media platforms like facebook; we see these overflowing opinions as posts stuck on our wall. Some posts, they share it for a trend, then it spreads like a wildfire. These posts we see daily, carry different messages, opinions, views. Originally coming from someone else posted by some else to show their acceptance , appreciation or to inspire others. We scroll down looking at these. Some posts make us laugh, some make us sad, some make us angry & some even make us feel sorry for people who posted it. I'm talking about all these negative posts which can affect our state of mind.. ...more

Flash Fiction-Emotions

My Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers challenge!“Hey Lazy! Over here!” Whiner and Anger greeted him excitedly....more

Nothing Is Constant


Getting a bit more fit...

Thanks to my FitBit, I not only feel tired, but I also have proof that I had a terrible night's sleep last night....more

Art Day, NaBloPoMo Day 28

I did another painting class...The beer is for inspiration for this tropical scene which I am paintingin a place far removed from the tropics. ...more

The U-haul workout

I was conveniently out of town the last several times my little sister moved. (Just like I’m conveniently out of town when anyone I know moves…) But she and my bro-in-law just got their first house together, and their move date happened to be during my university’s fall break. And as it was also right after two ginormous Thanksgiving meals, I volunteered to help thinking, Sure, that’ll make a nice workout....more

I'm Afraid to Open the Door.

I've been rabidly cleaning the house like a mofo, tidying up, and I'm living in fear. As I clean and purge my things to make space (for Christmas and, well, just to have space), I'm continually needing to take loads of discarded things out to the garage to add to the boxes to donate to charity. However? I can't open the door....more

A Plausible Vampire Logic.!

Vampires ? Can they be scientifically proven.? No? Ok I agree. But can they be scientifically explainable.?Again No.?Oh don’t give me a solid no. I think they can be scientifically explainable. Their physiology and their activities. Just hear me out. After watching number of TV Shows and movies with vampires, I couldn’t resist the fact that at least these are scientifically explainable, let alone proven.Yeah I’m accepting it. Just like everyone else I’m a fan of this whole Hollywood supernatural phenomenon. So I’m not ready to dump it. yet.!...more