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The Most Effective Writing Question: What's Your Angle?

They say that there are no new stories. In fact, author Christopher Booker suggests that every story ever told is a variation on seven basic plots. So, how do you differentiate your story from every other comedy, tragedy, memoir, quest, or rebirth? The answer is in the specific angle you use to tell your tale. Consider Eric and Charlotte Kaufman's story. ...more

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As cheesy as it sounds, when I'm feeling down I make myself a pot of tea using a special set ...more

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Keeping it Real

 It is mating season here in southern Alberta, and this morning I watched a large buck chase a doe down a boulevard in my neighbourhood. The doe stopped suddenly and turned to face her suitor, hopping side to side flirtatiously before dodging towards an elementary schoolyard. It was thrilling to watch from within the safety of my car, and thankfully a chilly snowfall has kept the both the schoolchildren and neighbourhood dog-walkers inside and out of harm’s way....more

Celebrating Thanksgiving by Loving

Thanksgiving is here....more

Thanksgiving, You're Doing It Wrong

Late last night I did a reblog and I'm not sure how to cross post that so here is the link.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone. is a crooked and varied path.  Get on it. ...more


In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I would like to share my philosophy on cooking and how to ensure your meal is perfect every time. ...more

And Tomorrow brings...

Today's NaBloPoMo asks Where do you see your blog in one year? Five years?I will admit after seven years of blogging I am always surprised by previous posts from prizes to ruminations I have span a lot in just 7 years.In one year there will be a few milestones...more

Giving Thanks to Women who Blog

Since August, when I joined blogging groups, I have met the best women. Great writers, hilarious people, and caring humans. Most of these women I've never actually met. We are friends by name, Facebook status and Twitter handle. And I feel loved. These women have got my back.When my first post came out on BLUNTmoms, a milestone for me, and my first comment was negative, they formed #teamJenny and weighed in with their support....more
Thank you for spreading the joy early ( pre nablopomo decmeber ) and letting me know about these ...more

Give Thanks & Take Thanksgiving Off

Happy Thanksgiving.I am going to take Thanksgiving Off....more

Happy Thanksgiving!

I used to work at the grocery store for twelve years and my thanksgiving was cooking dinners for the customers until 3 pm. I would get home tired with no inspiration to prepare a meal for my own family. My husband then was the cook....more

Six Silly Thanksgiving Memories of Mom

 My mother died on November 1, so this is our first Thanksgiving without her. To make the occasion less painful, I’ve decided to think of funny things she used to do before dementia took her away. For space constraints, the long list has been pruned to only six memories....more

12 Lesbian Thanksgivings

This year, Ledcat and I will celebrate our 12th Thanksgiving as a couple. Our plans include dinner with our family of choice (aka The Sarahs and their 2 kids) who are vegetarian but prepare turkey breast for us. I’m pretty sure we’ll be schooled in a video game by the 8 year old and get a personal narration of “Frozen.” Mostly, we’ll eat and then lounge on the furniture talking about interesting stuff.We’ve been trying to recall some of the highlights of the past years....more