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Blogging from A to Z Challenge - V is for...

I'm tangling from A to Z - V is for... ...Vanity ...Vigne ...Ving ...more

I'm tackling another letter..."R"

Not really sure what I am going to write about. For sure it's not going to be about deleting an entire blog posting because I have never done that. Weird concept even? I mean why write it and then post it if only to delete it? Odd. Oddly odd.So the alphabet blog is up to the letter "R" and I can do something with that..... I think I am going to choose the word "remember"....more

Discovering Joy Inspite of Myself

I discovered  joy in the most unlikely place, in the midst of suffering. Years ago, living in poverty, united with a husband struggling with depression and surrounded by the clamour and demands of nine children, I was stretched to my limits of endurance. Lack of sleep was part of the reason that most of my inner walls of defense crumbled and hidden, inner demons tormented my dreams. I felt my emotional pain physically, as though a dagger had pierced my heart.It was easy to picture myself as a victim....more

Blogging from A to Z Challenge - U is for...

I'm tangling from A to Z - U is for... ...Undling ...Unyun ...Up n Down ...more

I'm Here.

Okay, so I might be back.  I was going to take the whole month of April, but you know how things go...they change.   Change is good people! This may have been a confusing time for some of you, and I realize now that I could have taken some extra steps in explaining what was going to take place on this blog for the month of April, but I didn't and for that,  I apologize.   ...more

It's like it never happened....

Have I ever deleted a comment? Self-editing is my thing. Clearly.I have deleted comments. I have deleted comments I have made. I have deleted comments other people have made about a status I wrote. I have deleted comments people have made when I think their intention may be misconstrued. I am a loving editor....more

Do Small Things

When I was in university, I wanted to carry out something great, heroic even. Like all young people, I wanted to make a difference in the world. After spending 18 years pregnant and/or nursing, I have done nothing noteworthy. Yet I intuitively understand that by mothering, by doing simple things, I have changed the world....more
Barbarahughes  art, images are really the language of the subconscious... i love how you are ...more

Blogging from A to Z Challenge - T is for...

I'm tangling from A to Z - T is for... ...Telis ...Tootle ...Tracery ...more

Oh "P".

I apologize. I just can't write about internet scandal. I have zero interest in getting all worked up over someone's post that caused controversy. If I wrote about the letter "O" yesterday, then guess what? Today is all about the letter "P".What should my word be?...more

The Power of Symbols

Analogies are still the most effective way to reach the human heart because  people learn deep, spiritual truths intuitively. That's why symbols and word pictures speak right to our core and move us , change us....more