The BlogHer ’13 Party Plan: Saturday Night, BlogHer-Style

Welcome to Part 3 of the BlogHer ’13 Party Plan. You can read all about Part 1, and our process for refreshing the Party Plan this year, here: Kicking Off on Thursday, July 25th. And you can read about Part 2 and all the ways you can Express Yourself on Friday July 26th here....more
I'll be attending and have quite a bit of experience with fashion shows so if you need any help ...more

Voices of the Year: The Day I Became a Writer

It's one thing to have a voice. It's another thing entirely to give it away to thousands of people....more
This was the perfect advice at the perfect time for me. Thank you. It was that last line:  "If ...more

Girl Power: BlogHer vs Sleep Away Camp

Girl Power Weekends: Blogger vs CamperI had two weeks of back to back girl power weekends which is strange for me because I hardly ever go away by myself. Both events were new to me. Both were 3 days. Both were overnight trips. Both were in the vicinity of New York. What were they and how did they compare?...more

Being Included in the Voices of the Year Anthology

If you don't already know, BlogHer published an anthology of our 2012 Voices of the Year. You can download the e-book now! Voices of the Year is always a highlight of our annual BlogHer conference and I love that we've taken our amazing honorees and readers and published them in this book so that I can turn my virtual pages to laugh and cry all over again. I have also loved reading the reaction to being published from the amazing writers who were included in this anthology. Carol at Red Dirt in my Soul shares why it is important to her:...more

Announcing the BlogHer 2012 Voices of the Year Anthology!

When we launched the first BlogHer Community Keynote in 2008, and then evolved the initiative to become the BlogHer Voices of the Year in 2010, we had the dream that the work of these Voices from our community could be preserved for posterity, in one shining volume....more
@SallyDRowe Just found out: It will be available for Nook tomorrow, yes. They didn't do ...more

BlogHer Conference Update - - September 28, 2012

It's that time -- the weekend! We've had a great week here on the events team -- working and playing (see photo below), Thursday Shoe Day has resumed (check out Miriam's post), and we're ramping up all things *events*....more

How Katie Couric Inspired Me to Try Spinning at BlogHer '12

Mary Dell writes: In the realm of athletics I am a dud, both coordination and motivation-challenged. When I attended BlogHer '12 this summer and heard Katie Couric describe herself as “lazy” (regarding exercise) yet willing to ride a stationary bike in a spinning class, I began to wonder if this might be a good workout for me since I’m a little lazy, too....more
@BlogHer @katiecouric Seeing Katie was one of the coolest parts of my first BlogHer. She is such ...more

An Uncommon Meeting Sparks Civil Dialogue, Launches New Site

There are two sides to every story. Aimee Says: I wanted to eat my breakfast. "Everyone," said Lisa Stone from the stage, "it's time for Speed Dating." Imagine a hotel convention room filled with thousands of women. Not just ordinary women. Blogger women. ...more
this is absolutely wonderful and I'm so glad I got to read this! it takes a woman to get things ...more

How to Photograph a Conference

In an interesting turn of events, my professional photography career has led me beyond the field of pretty pictures of food and down the path of events and conferences. I'm not complaining. It may be hard work, but it represents, to me, a chance to apply my photography skills to another field and to capture the dynamism of life in a conference setting. On the surface, conference photography has a rather mundane and unglamorous quality about it. And, to a large extent, it is....more
Thanks, I'm photographing a local conference this weekend and these tips will surely help. ...more

Giving up something I love for 1 year...just to prove I can do it.

Have you ever wanted to do take a risk on something but you don’t do it because you are too afraid of the uncertain outcome? Have you ever wanted to make a change to something in your life but you don’t take action because you are too afraid to leave your comfort zone?...more