'Upcycled' Blogger Business Cards

In preparation for BlogHer '12 this week in New York, the first thing you'll need are business cards. Eco Chic offers clever strategies for creating unforgettable cards without wasting resources - yours included:...more
nope. all my old business cards were recycled at the school's Paper Retriever (so they get some ...more

Ellie Mae Clampett Takes on BlogHer and NYC

Update!  I am going!  That is, I am going to BlogHer 12 in New York City!Well, I just booked the trip to BlogHer 2012 and I just realized I have NOTHING prepared!...more
 @JoulesDellinger Thank you.  I was so worried they wouldn't have time this close to the ...more

BlogHer in T-Minus 3…2…

BlogHer is in just a few days, and I’m super psyched to see… Misty’s Laws Go Jules Go Jen e Sais Quoi Confessions of a Cornfed Girl Let Me Start By Sayin...more

and THIS is me.

Hi! I'm Jamie, the other blogger at playdatecrashers.com. The past couple weeks I've been prepping for our big trip to Blogher '12 in New York. Some bloggers (Including Krista) that are going to this conference are doing a posts about themselves as a get to know one another before we meet in NYC.  Even if you’re a regular reader of the blog and won’t be attending BlogHer, this post is still for you!...more

This is ME!

Next week might be one of the craziest weeks of an already crazy summer....more


"We are such stuff/As dreams are made on." (Shakespeare)The burning question I will confront at BlogHer ’12 is, of course, “What to do with all the cool swag?“For me, BlogHer is more like “HogHer.”  Shucks. So much swag, so little suitcase space.The swag is irresistible. Great product samples. Lovely gift items. Amazing freebies. The BlogHer sponsors got the goodies! While not exactly cashmere sweaters and diamond tennis bracelets, it is quality stuff....more
Oh, I am so on the same page!  I was just thinking about the swag and how to cart it home from ...more

Top 10 Tips for Entrepreneurs Attending BlogHer '12

It's less than a week away... BlogHer'12 hits New York City once again. If you're a small business owner attending the conference now is the time to prepare to make the most of your time there. You could invest your time and marketing dollars anywhere, but you chose to do so by being a part of the high-energy, high-content land of diverse voices known as BlogHer (and we're glad you did!). So let's get down to what you can do right now and after you step foot in NYC to have a great time and build your business. Set Your Intentions ...more

BlogHer '12 Sponsors: Highlights to Keep an Eye Out For

Our BlogHer '12 sponsors have got quite a show in store for you! With products and giveaways sure to delight and amaze you! You want samples? Step right up! Fun swag? Right this way! And this year, we've got not 1, not 2, but 3 expo halls (more on that later). Here are just a few things to keep an eye out for when you're in New York this week:...more
@BlogHer morning all women need to empower each other... I agree!more

I've Got the BlogHer12 Jitters

I'll admit it.  I have few real life friends.  Actually, I have two best friends.  My hubby and my daughter are my best friends, and they are 2 of the only people that I can completely unfold with.  And, if I don't talk around them, it isn't awkward.  It's ok, we can be chatty or we can just relax in each others company....more
Anyone who sits on the Charmin potty is ok by me.  Can't wait to see you!more

New Sponsor Announcements for BlogHer '12!

We have even more amazing new sponsors for BlogHer '12 that we want to share with you! Our annual conference wouldn't be possible without these awesome sponsors. Read on to hear a little bit from this week's new sponsors....more
@hoylier @KrogerCo @BlogHer Hi, sorry, I do not use Tweets that often. How can I help you!more