The BlogHer '12 Conference Guide and Mobile App Are Here! Huzzah!

I'm going against BlogHer Events Team protocol here, but the countdown to BlogHer is just 9 DAYS AWAY! And to help you get ready, we're announcing two of our best tools to help you plan your schedule, pack your bag, and navigate your way through the event.The BlogHer '12 Conference Guide brought to you by Pfizer Consumer HealthcareHave questions about the conference? Where to pick up your badge? What to pack? Directions to the hotel?...more
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Annoucing the Pathfinder Day Keynote Speakers

Today, BlogHer is thrilled to announce the amazing women who will bring the Pathfinder Day attendees together for continued introspection and education, during the Pathfinder Day '12 keynotes!...more
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The BlogHer12 Advice I Received From a Seven Year Old

Here’s the riddle my seven year old nephew Ryan asked me when I saw him a few days ago.“Imagine you’re in a box with no way to get out. But you have to get out. How would you escape?”The answer? “Stop imagining.”Well you could have knocked me over with a feather. Doesn’t this sound like a good way to look at a lot of things? If you just stop imagining all of the bad things, stop envisioning the worst that could happen, guess what? Those bad, worst things most likely won’t happen....more

Another Treat for BlogHer '12: A Hotel Room of One's Own

There are a myriad of excellent reasons to attend BlogHer ‘12 and to the pile I would like to add just one more...a hotel room of my own. I feel like I should preface this with telling you how much I love my husband and kids, but I am going to skip straight over that and tell you how much I love staying in a hotel without them. This little lick of luxury does not happen very often but when it does, like on my upcoming trip to NYC, I savor every minute. What's so great?...more
 @Julia Magnusson Even just one other person, respectful and kind, can be a  vacation.  It's ...more

All the Advice You'll Ever Need for Attending the BlogHer Conference

In less than two weeks, 4000 bloggers and blog lovers will meet in New York for the 8th annual BlogHer conference.  If this is your first time or even if this is your 8th time, there is plenty of advice to glean from the bloggers below who have written about everything from how to get the most out of the conference to how to get over those pre-conference jitters as well as answering the ever-important question of what to pack. ...more
Don't bother eating elsewhere! There was so much food (breakfast, snacks, lunch, even dinner ...more

How Real Life Networking Can Build Your Social Media Presence

Some bloggers seem to be everywhere online.  Their posts and products are offered far and wide by many different people so you keep seeing them in different arenas. Do you want to be one of those bloggers?  Of course you do! If you want to be part of this elite group you need to put as much emphasis on building relationships as on blogging. The Secret Sauce ...more
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BlogHer '12 New Sponsor Announcements!

We even more amazing new sponsors for BlogHer '12 that we want to share with you! Our annual conference wouldn't be possible without these awesome sponsors. Read on to hear a little bit from this week's new sponsors....more
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More Awesome BlogHer '12 Sponsors!

We have so many amazing new sponsors for BlogHer '12 that we want to share with you! Our annual conference wouldn't be possible without these awesome sponsors. Read on to hear a little bit from this week's new sponsors....more

HealthMinder Day Interviews: Why This Is a Great Pre-Conference Addition!

As of today, HealthMinder Day is one week and six days away. Don't panic! I thought since HealthMinder Day is new to our pre-conference agenda, it would help all of us -- those already attending and those who can't decide -- to ask some of the committee members a question. Maybe it will help calm the nerves of those who don't know what to expect. Maybe it will make you click and register at the last minute. Either way, I asked the committee behind it all this question:Why do you think HealthMinder Day is an important addition to the pre-conference agenda?...more
I'm doing HealthMinder day because I am a healthcare provider, and health has been the focus of ...more

BlogHer Conference Update -- July 20, 2012

I don't know about you all but holy cow, BlogHer '12 is around the corner, quite literally, and we stacked our deck this week so let's jump right in with the major announcements: ...more