BlogHer '12 Interviews: Why Did You Start Blogging?

As we continue to speed toward BlogHer '12 in New York City this early August, I wanted to ask a question I ask almost every blogger I meet -- whether at a conference or a meetup or a one-on-one or eventually by individual email. It's the question that, really, leads us all to and the annual conference in the first place: Why did you start blogging? Why do you keep blogging?...more
I started blogging on a whim, never having noticed blogs before. My desire to try to remember ...more

Full conference pass available for $250

I can't make the conference and have a ticket to sell (full pass, August 2-4) for $250. Email me at if you're interested. ...more

"The Oogieloves In The Big Balloon Adventure" Is Sponsoring BlogHer '12!

In case you missed it a couple weeks ago, we announced The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure as a new sponsor for BlogHer '12. Read on for more information on this exciting new sponsor!...more

BlogHer '12: iPhoneography Panel Resources

BlogHer 2012 iPhoneography Panel Resources Follow us with the hashtag: #iPhoneBlogHer12 Panelists: ...more
Camera Awesome is another great app. more

New Sponsor Announcements For BlogHer '12

We have so many amazing new sponsors for BlogHer '12 that we want to share with you! Our annual conference wouldn't be possible without these awesome sponsors. Read on to hear a little bit from this week's new sponsors....more
This is great!more

HealthMinder Day Interviews: How Do You Handle Flack?

This week, I thought I would ask our HealthMinder Day speakers a question that I've always wondered about those who write in the nutrition, exercise and fitness genres. I have avoided putting myself out there with new fitness or weight loss goals on my own blogs because I don't want people to poke at me if I should happen to fail (which I'm really good at when it comes to this topic). So I asked a few of our speakers this question: Have you ever taken flack for health or fitness decisions (example, eating a second piece of cake or taking time off from exercising) when people find out your blogging niche? How do you deal with their comments? ...more
i've been in social situations when someone's jaw has literally dropped when i've grabbed a ...more

Proud Virgin

I will be among the thousands of bloggers crowding the halls of BlogHer 2012 this August. You'll recognize me as I'll be the one looking simultaneously ecstatic to be child-free, and totally, helplessly lost. Wait, that doesn't make me unique? Good!...more
You're hilarious and I hope to meet you at a Purell station or around the fun at BlogHer!  My ...more

Announcing the Geek Bar at BlogHer ’12!

There is nothing that gets me right *here* more than a great piece of code and efficient use of negative space, and that’s why I am so giddy about this year’s line up for the Geek Bar at BlogHer ’12!Modeled after Apple’s Genius Bar, we dedicate one room during each breakout session to providing hands-on, small-group tech help for attendees. This year, we're covering everything from blog backups to Photoshop, taking you on tours of the most popular blogging platforms, and tacking mobile media head-on....more
So happy that the Geek Bar is going to rock this year! Sorry I won't be there to help but it's ...more

Six Tips for Writing Well (and You Can Still Write After Kids)

When I got pregnant with my daughter, I started writing frantically. I'd graduated from my writing program the year before and was glowing with the newly minted feeling of writerly success: I'd had a few poems and short stories published somewhere other than my university's literary magazine. "What if it ends?" I thought. "What if I never get published again because I'm too busy being a mom?"...more
Going to see if that book is available on Kindle :) great post.more

BlogHer '12 Interviews: What Did You Learn at a Previous BlogHer?

We're one more week closer to BlogHer '12 in New York City this August. As everyone starts to prepare for their trip, I thought it would be a good idea to ask a few of our speakers what attendees might learn, experience or expect at the conference. I think that's always a big worry for those newbies coming to a conference, so who better than to ask than previous attendees who are speaking this year. My question was: Tell us something interesting or surprising you learned at a previous BlogHer conference....more
I'm right there with you, wdolderer! This is my first conference as well. I have visions of ...more