Tips for Motherhood: Tell Them You Like Them

What would you tell someone if they asked you, "I need some tips for motherhood... please help?!" What would you tell them that has helped you over the years? Rachel at Finding Joy recently shared two separate lists with some motherhood tips, and I kind of love them... especially her first one on the most recent post. What are your motherhood tips? ...more
Loved this!more

So That Was BlogHer'12

So, that was BlogHer'12. I guess that sounds rather mundane, doesn't it? It would read oddly if I made the wow gigantic, bold and in red.What other choice of words can I use other than, wow? There are a huge string of words that I could choose to use here, yeah I have a couple of complaints but ya' know there isn't much that comes completely complaint free. Minor complaints in comparison to the amazing time I had....more

Thank you BlogHer

I just want to take a minute to say Thank You to the wonderful women and men that run BlogHer.  You have created an online community full of amazing people. If it had not been for the BlogHership program I would not have been able to attend the BlogHer conference this year. Yes, I know you "can't pull it off without volunteers" but honestly I think many people would volunteer to help without comping the entire conference pass. At least I would but that is just me. ...more
 @kisschronicles Yes! BlogHer has many, many, MANY fairy godmothers. It's truly amazing.more

Blog Writing Tips for Identifying and Avoiding Common Grammatical Errors

I was honored to be a speaker at BlogHer ’12 in New York a couple weeks ago. I was asked to lead two 30-minute grammar clinics in The Writing Lab. The topic was How to Identify and Avoid Common Errors....more

From Rescues to Rockstars, the Furry Fashionistas of BlogHer '12!

I can still remember the first time I saw my dog Molly. It was August 29th, 2006. She was in pretty rough shape, with some medical issues that needed attention (and let's face it, money), but as soon as her paws hit the floor, she was like a toy who had been newly wound up. Goofy and playful, running all over the place, jumping up and trying to give kisses. And she opened up a place in my heart that I never knew existed before (and yes, I realize what a cheesy line that is, but it doesn't make it any less true). I think that's the beautiful thing about adopting a pet. That symbiotic relationship. You may be rescuing them, but they rescue you right back, in their own way. ...more

BlogHer12 in the City

The first week in August, bloggers from around the globe came to NYC for the 8th annual conference. I missed this year's conference but I kept in touch via Twitter updates and the BlogHer '12 Virtual Conference....more

The Week in Must-Watch: BlogHerTV Programming Guide

In case you missed any of these amazing moments from BlogHer '12 Conference held August 2-4 in New York City, here are the top 4 must-watch moments: President Obama, Martha Stewart, Katie Couric, and the inspirational BlogHer '12 fashion show -- plus more must-watch videos on BlogHer TV....more

What I Learned by NOT Going to BlogHer 12

When BlogHer 12 was in full swing, so were the Olympics and I logged onto Twitter to follow the Olympic tweets.  That's when I started seeing all my BlogHer Chatter peeps tweeting about the goings-on at the conference, and I got bedazzled by what I was missing. ...more
"Twitter connected to the thigh bone" - Hahaha!!! I was interested in your "coming out" as it ...more

BlogHer12 rocked!

Hi BlogHer Family, It's been a minute since I lasted posted on BlogHer. After attending BlogHer12 in New York City, I made a commitment to post to this blog a bit more often. So here's my first post for August. BlogHer12 was AMAZING. Check out my four recap blog posts below to learn why....more

What happened at BlogHer '12? - Part 1

Last week at this time my lovely roomie and I, along with more than 5,000 other (mostly women) bloggers, were lamenting the fact that BlogHer '12 was coming to an end, even as we continued to meet and greet and celebrate together. ...more