Best laid plans

This is not exactly how I'd hoped my BlogHer '12 weekend would end. ...more I loved meeting you, Robin! And I loved how Sabrina and I kept running into ...more

Birds Of A Feather Know What The Flock We're Talking About

I walked into the big meeting room for breakfast, just looking for an open seat to set my why-is-this-so-heavy bag down before I grabbed a bagel. I noticed the placards on the tables right away....more

Vegan news you can use (8/5/12)

Good morning from NYC!  I want to thank you for your kind tweets and Facebook messages about my interview on Our Hen House yesterday! It means so much!BlogHer 12 wrapped last night but I stayed an extra night in the city so that I could enjoy a night out with two of my favorite people!...more

BlogHer '12 Day Two -- in Tweets!

Yesterday was Day Two of BlogHer '12, and it was just as amazing as Day One. It was a whirlwind of informative sessions, fantastic keynotes, announcements about what's to come for BlogHer and, yes, CheeseburgHers. There was a fashion show that blew the socks off everyone in the room. I grabbed some tweets at random to give you a quick glimpse of the day....more

UPDATED: Watch President Obama's Full Video Address to BlogHer '12

On Thursday afternoon, Lisa Stone and Elisa Camahort Page opened the annual BlogHer conference with a live video address from none other than the President of the United States, Barack Obama. ...more
Was just forwarded this video from a co-worker and all I can say is WOW. I love my President and ...more

BlogHer At Home Giveaway #3: More Swag Bags and a BlogHer13 Pass

Are you having fun, BlogHer-at-Homers?I know I am. We love, love, love your participation in BlogHer at Home, and can't wait to keep hearing from you as we wrap up the conference. We hope that your participation will expand your view of the BlogHer Conference experience, content, and community. We also hope that have been making connections with each other -- sharing your blogs, your Twitter experience, and whatever other platforms are important to you. (Instagram, anyone? Let's see those shoes....more
I hope my comment sticks this time ;0)more

How BlogHer '12 Helped A Homeless Man

Hello there, Barbara! Great story. Love being reminded about what big change can be brought ...more

BlogHer '12

Anne KimballLife on the Funny FarmSo I went to the BlogHer '12 annual conference yesterday.My first....more

BlogHer '12 Day One -- in Tweets!

Yesterday was the first day of programming for BlogHer '12 and, let me tell you, it was an amazing day. From the panels to the Expo Hall to, oh you know, Martha Stewart, it was just one of those days that you hope for when attending a conference. We followed along with your tweets and present to you a random dozen that give you a picture as to what the day was like so you can get a feel, whether you're following along with us at home or just wonder what else was going on while you were in another session!...more

Ella Gobierna

Latinos represent 16% of the total population in the USA.  However I just discovered that out of the 513,200 elected officials only 5,850 are Latinos.  This means less than 2%.  Seriously? There is a scandalous disproportion of leadership positions based on our population. Not to my surprise, 1,574 of the elected Latinos happen to be women.  This means that less than 1% of our mujeres are serving in elected offices nationwide, in all levels of government. ...more