HealthMinder and Pathfinder Day in Tweets!

If you didn't get to attend our pre-conference events yesterday, HealthMinder Day or Pathfinder Day, you missed out on a day of great learning, fun, encouragement and inspiration. With two sets of programming running simultaneously, it would create a huge (but informative and awesome) post. Instead, I grabbed ten (well, eleven -- just because!) tweets that give you a general overview of how awesome the day was for our attendees....more

Don't Forget: BlogHer ’12 Evening At The Expo Is Back Tonight!

Last year at BlogHer ’11 in San Diego, attendees really loved the Evening at the Expo. It was a great way to kick off the conference, meet the sponsors and have a couple drinks on us!  Since it was such a huge success last year we decided to bring it back again this year at the Hilton New York. ...more

The Conference

Hi!I am attending the BlogHer conference tomorrow for the first time. I am nervous because I have absolutely no idea what to expect. I wonder what to bring. I did read to bring a business card, so I guess I better make some up tonight. I am a real newbie! I am excited. I am nervous. I will be there tomorrow soaking as much up as I possible can.See you tomorrow!Terry...more
Welcome! You are going to have an amazing time! The next thing is prepare yourself is read some ...more

I Have No Mommy Guilt for Attending BlogHer '12

I have absolutely, 100% no guilt leaving my kids behind to attend BlogHer '12 in New York City this week. None. Zilch. Nada. See ya, kiddos! Mommy (and Daddy!) will be back on Sunday night. Peace. We'll be dropping the boys with my parents on Tuesday afternoon and heading off to the Big Apple for a few days of fun, learning, eating, little sleep and general awesome. Our kids will have a few days of fun, learning, eating, little sleep and general awesome. It's win-win-win-win-win. All around....more
I was really ready to get home and see my kids. But I felt zero guilt leaving them. Why should ...more

I'm A Blogger. It's What I Do.

I'm composing this as I'm on my way to BlogHer ' 12. Can I tell you what a great feeling this is? For years I journaled and wrote and essayed and memoired. In the early days it was pen and paper and just for me and the occasional select few I allowed to read my meanderings. Then one day, I discovered this thing called an internet and from there I began an online journal. That branched into a blog, which lead to another blog, which led to a real, bona-fide paid blogging job, which led to me finally, FINALLY thinking of myself as a writer. Sort of....more

MUST READ: BlogHer '12 Onsite Information

Update, 8/2/12I forgot!  If you are staying at the Hilton they no longer have coffee makers or refrigerators in their rooms.  BUT!  Staring Thursday, the Hilton will be offering complimentary coffee in the Bridges Bar beginning at 6:30 a.m., so if you are an early bird, pop down and grab some coffee.  Also, throughout the conference The Bridges Bar will be a close, easy alternative for some quiet space if you need it.  They will have some great Hilton give-a-ways so take a moment and pop on down - lobby level of the Hilton NY....more
@BlogHerEvents Is the President's address open to all registered attendees or only ...more

Since when does growing up mean missing out?

Always, right? It’s always been the case that being an adult means being responsible and not always doing what you want just because you want to do it.Deep down I know this to be true.I suppose.But this weekend is BlogHer12 (in NEW YORK CITY), and I’ll just be honest – I am aching.Aching not in the “oh, poor me” sense…though maybe a little bit…but mostly aching because I KNOW there are things (and people) there that I desperately need in my life....more
I understand! I have a nursing, teething baby so I too hope for next year. Until then I just ...more

Last Minute Tips, Advice and Encouragement for BlogHer '12

So... I know that Lori Luna doesn't like countdowns, so I won't give you the exact number, but let's face it: BlogHer '12 is right upon us. If you're attending HealthMinder or Pathfinder Day, you're even closer. Like way close. If this was a hot and cold game, you'd be ON FIRE! But it's not. This, instead, is a last minute post to keep you encouraged, to keep you inspired and to give you some ideas. You've been blogging your socks off in preparation for the conference and saying some really smart things....more
Loved this Jenna and hope I can finally meet you.  more

BlogHer At Home Giveaway #2: Now, Some Gifts From Our Sponsors

We at BlogHer are very lucky to have the support of some oustanding sponsors, who make our affordable and content-packed conferences possible. So it's no surprise that when they learned that we'd be creating an at-home conference experience for so very many of you out there, that they'd want to share some goodies with you, too....more
Hey I'm Jamie over at  It was a fun weekend watching all the fun happening ...more