Making Connections at Home During BlogHer '12 Week

BlogHer '12 Week buzz is ramping up, and I hope everyone following along with @BlogHeratHome is getting ready for some fun and community, too....more
Thank you for including my post in this one. :) Made my day.more

Where You Can Find Our BlogHer ’12 Sponsors

We are so thrilled for BlogHer ’12 to start in just a couple of days! We know how excited our attendees are to visit the sponsors in their booths, suites and various locations, so this year we’ll make it easy for you by telling you all of the places you can find the BlogHer ’12 sponsors....more
@thatwoman @starbucks I'll join you. Yum.more

President Barack Obama LIVE via Video at BlogHer '12!

Today we are honored to announce that President Barack Obama will address the BlogHer '12 audience at 4:30PM Thursday, August 2, via live video feed. We will gather in the Grand Ballroom at the New York Hilton to hear from the president live, and understand why he has chosen to make this rare conference appearance. We will be recording the video and posting it as soon as we can post-appearance. All conference passes, from day passes to party and/or expo passes to full passes will be granted admission to this special event....more
@ElisaC LOL Duh on me. I'm hoping for Chicago - even hubby's excited for that location. Maybe ...more

Why BlogHer is such a big deal

 As Katie Couric explains, “It would take a pretty fantastic  group of people to convince me to spend a Saturday afternoon during the dog days of summer in a hotel conference room. “...more

BlogHer '12 & travel prep

Slowly but surely, one by one, all of the items on my To Do, To Pack, and To Purchase lists in preparation for my trip to New York City for BlogHer '12 are being checked off. I'm actually starting to feel somewhat prepared to go! ...more

Conference Corner: What Causes Your Pre-Conference Butterflies?

Every year, since my first BlogHer conference in 2008, I've thought, "This is the year I'm not going to panic before the conference. THIS is the year I've *got* this." And, like clockwork, I find myself doing stomach flips the week before, sometimes even the month before, for any number of reasons. Like the Spanish Inquisition, no one expects to get all jittery before the conference, but it happens anyway. We're people. We freak out. Especially when this happens....more
 @JennaHatfield I'll be down there already so we can have  a tea party. m'kay?  more

BlogHer 2012: Let's Do It And Let's OWN It!

What happens when you get four thousand women together - and not just any women, mind you, women with opinions! Women with opinions that want their voices heard! You get chaos! You get mayhem! You get fun! You get educated and interested and invigorated! And most of all, you get to be you. Did you hear that?...more
Okay Ellie, yer on! I feel the same way. I want to hear all the stories and different opinions. ...more

BlogHer '12 Is Almost Here! What Are Your Thoughts as We Approach the Event?

The BlogHer '12 conference is less than a week away. Are you going? Are you ready? If you're new to the event -- or even if you're a seasoned veteran -- you probably have a mental list compiled that you visit oh...three or four hundred times a day. If you're wondering what to wear, here's an excellent post by Stacy Morrison that will address your sartorial anxieties....more
hmmm I don't see a poll.  Maybe it's blocked out on this computer.   I'm a newbie to attending ...more