BlogHer '13 Keynote Speaker Guy Kawasaki Has MORE Free Copies of APE to Give BlogHers!

It's the one-year anniversary of the book's release, and Guy is giving away another 400,000 copies of his book between now and 12/31/13. Yes, you read that right. ...more
Thanks! Appears we have until 1/31 to redeem the promo for the book.... I did it immediately, of ...more


 Queen Latifah looked fabulous hosting the Plus Size Fashion show at the BlogHer13 Conference this year in Chicago and I’ve been excited to see her new TV chat show in LA. Here’s a behind the scenes look at her new show! I’m always a huge fan of the giant billboards on the studio walls. Let me tell you she looks more beautiful in person. Her fashion is always spot on and she’s really tall at 5’10.”...more
Wow, sounds like a blast! I love Latifah so, so much. Are you planning on returning?   One small ...more

BlogHer Conference Update -- August 29, 2013

It's that time of the year! Summer is coming to an end, kids are back in school, and it's Labor Day weekend here in the U.S. -- but that only means the conference team is taking a few days off, and then we'll have exciting news for you next week! BlogHer PRO in October. We already know the following:...more
@HelenWills I'm with Helen. I told myself I wouldn't miss the next event.more

I miss my Mum

My cousin is having a baby, it's her fourth, she has three boys, this one is a girl. Due in November, I found out about it on Facebook yesterday.My Aunt has moved house, I'm not sure when, she recently had a fall and is now in hospital awaiting surgery on a brain aneurism. It's tomorrow, or today in Australia. I am hoping it goes well. Found out about that by emailing another cousin whose news I used to know, but the regular information source has been missing for the last nine months....more


I heard Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook and author of, Lean In, speak at BlogHer ’13 last month, and I must admit to being surprised at how much I identified with her message.  The question the Lean In campaign asks each of us is,  “What could you do if you weren’t afraid?”  I’ve lived my life afraid for as long as I can remember, and I’d venture to say my h...more

My BlogHer Sisters, They Have My Back

It’s been just over two weeks since I was the last of my roommates to check out of the Sheraton and head home from #BlogHer13, and I haven’t stopped missing them.My BlogHer sisters.They have posted recaps already. Heart-warming, brilliant and hilarious – just like the women that wrote them.  I’m still in awe that these are my friends and that I am a part of this community.  Somedays, I feel like an imposter in this life and this world.  I’m waiting for some one to jump through my computer screen and yell “FAKER – You don’t belong!”....more

Blogher 2013- For Crap Sakes Pull Up Your Dress

Over the past three years since I started writing here, I have seen bloggers attending these things called conferences. Where bloggers meet other bloggers. And take lots of pictures on Instagram. Of their cute outfits. This is what I thought blogging conferences consisted of. Just getting Starbucks, tweeting activities and dressing really cute. And wearing lots and lots of chevron. So this is the expectation I had going into my first blogging conference called Blogher '13....more

How I Ended Up at BlogHer13

I am still talking about the BlogHer13 conference with my family and friends.  I guess I could equate the feeling I still have to the one a child gets on a candy store. So, I want to just tell you about how I ended up at BlogHer13....more

11 Bloggers Thank Our Amazing BlogHer '13 Sponsors

Did you like the Expo Hall at BlogHer '13? I sure did. I loved interacting with the sponsors this year; I found them engaging and entertaining. (OPTIMUS PRIME! ZOMG!) As we've read through all of your post-conference write-ups, we've found that our attendees really liked the sponsors too....more
My post on Simply Saline booth is up - ...more