My Video Recap of #BlogHer13

  My recent trip to Chicago for the BlogHer ’13 conference still feels like a big blur to me.Since I posted about my trip back to Maine from Chicago over social media, many people have noted that they “can’t wait to hear all about it.”...more
@Denise Thanks, Denise!more

What Twitter Took Away From BlogHer ’13

I blinked once and then BlogHer '13 was over. I don't know how every panel, every keynote, every workshop, every meal, every interaction, every party passed by so quickly, but here we are on Monday morning, trying to remember what we learned. I'm here to help, even though I'm clutching my cup of coffee closely. I'm bringing you links to liveblogs and relevant tweets today so you can check them out, refresh your mind and maybe learn something new. You're welcome!...more
Thanks for this! Any word on when the podcast will be up? Do you know where it will be posted? ...more

That's a Wrap! BlogHer '13

Being a newbie to BlogHer I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but I will say that everything that I “thought” I expected was exceeded. Heading back to Chicago already filled me with excitement, since I used to live there. There’s something about that city that draws me in and makes me never want to leave – it truly is magnificent. And the events of the week and weekend made the experience one that I won’t soon forget....more

The BlogHer Fashion Show: Werk It! Who, Me?

When BlogHer Co-founder Elisa Camahort Page invited me to walk the catwalk in the BlogHer ’13 Fashion Show, my immediate reaction was, “OMG. Yes!” I had watched the first BlogHer Fashion Show in New York last summer, and made a mental note to myself: If I ever have a chance to walk the runway I have to do it. ...more
you looked great and walked beautifully!more

Photos from BlogHer13 Fashion Show

It was a long and exhausting day yesterday but managed to post a handful of photos of the BlogHer13 Fashion Show.  Will be posting more photos during the week.  I am having serious BlogHer13 withdrawal symptoms today!  Check my blog for more photos. ...more

What I Heard Sheryl Sandberg Say at BlogHer '13

One of the challenges of our instant-expert culture (or instant-shallow, depending on how you look at it) is that almost every message turns into a whisper-down-the-lane game. As an idea or event gets amplified, it loses all its complexity, often becoming a cartoon character of itself: the bigger it gets, the less dimension it has. ...more
@D. A. Wolf So true, this: "May we wall stop buying into the soundbite." But it's so HARD not to ...more

What I Did When I Wasn't Afraid

I attended the Blogher conference this weekend where the Keynote speaker was Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook.  During her panel she asked the audience, "What would you do if you were not afraid?" This question resonated with me and I found myself writing down goals which have been put on hold due to fear. I left the session more inspired than ever....more

My House is Clean Because I Didn’t Go to BlogHer ’13

This weekend I sulked because every time I logged on to social media I was inundated with posts, tweets, and photos of all my blogging friends having fun in Chicago at BlogHer 2013.I’m not ashamed to admit it: I was damn jealous....more
I'm with you!  I'll meet you there!more

Bye Bye, BlogHer '13

I recently learned that our brains consume 20% of our energy input, and I think that must explain why I’m so hungry right now, at BlogHer’s end. Well, that and the fact that my resident pneumonia finally seems to have moved out and my body wants back the few pounds it recently lost. I’m happy to oblige....more

BlogHer '13 Pre-Conference Events -- in Tweets!

Wow! Today kicked off our BlogHer '13 event with some Pre-Conference Day awesomeness. Pathfinder Day, HealthMinder Day, and Viewfinder Day all took place at the wonderful Sheraton Chicago today. Our attendees were busy learning,interacting, and of course, tweeting their way through the day. We followed along with what was being said to bring you this post. ...more
It look like you are have a lot of fun! Congratulations, looks like a nice atmosphere.   iKNOW ...more