BlogHer '13, Day 1!

I am wiped, in the best possible way (also a bit from residual pneumonia; pneumonia be damned!), from Pathfinder Day, aka My Day 1 at BlogHer '13. Thanks to Maria Ross, Melissa Ford, Hannah Kaminsky, Elisa Camahort, Nataly Kogan, Bryant Terry and all the other great speakers and attendees I met and learned from today. Looking forward to kicking off Day 2 with tomorrow morning's bright and early Newbie

BlogHer '13: A Good Problem to Have -- Any Suggestions?

Hi everyone, As we prepare to hold our ninth annual BlogHer conference in Chicago, I wanted to bring this community up to speed on a particular challenge our event is facing this year. I've learned you all have terrific advice, and am hoping this is one of those times where you can help develop a solution. ...more
@all.things.fadra Well said Fadra! An event like BlogHER offers an incredible opportunity for ...more

Queen Latifah To Host the BlogHer '13 Voices of the Year Community Keynote!

Yesterday there wasn't just one #RoyalBirth. BlogHer announced the arrival of a QUEEN. Queen Latifah, that is.Now, Queen Latifah is an accomplished person. She's a musician, award-winning actress, record-label president, author, entrepreneur, and Cover Girl. She has earned a Golden Globe Award, two Screen Actors Guild Awards, two Image Awards, and a Grammy Award as well as nominations for six additional Grammys, an Emmy, and an Oscar. And this fall she's going to add daytime talk show host to her long list....more
And she was FANTASTIC!!!  What a gorgeous woman, inside and out!  I was in awe just being in the ...more

The Guy in The Man Suit at Blogher 2013

Ten to fifteen percent of Blogher conference attendees are men.  Just three percent of the 2,600 submissions for Voices of the Year were chosen to be honored.  From what I can tell, less than a handful of those are men.  I am an attendee, a VOTY honoree and a man.  I feel incredibly humbled and also?Scared....more

Boost Your Mood & Plan Your Attack for BlogHer '13 with These Great Posts

Just one day away from our pre-conference days (HealthMinder Day, Pathfinder Day, Viewfinder Day) and two days out from our annual conference, BlogHer '13, the blogosphere is abuzz with information, advice, questions and posts galore. As I said in my previous roundup, we're always reading your posts. Today we're bringing you some unique bits of advice to help boost your mood, plan your attack and generally get you in the mood to get your conference on. ...more

Get Prepared for BlogHer '13 with the Official Conference Guide

Have questions about the conference? Where to pick up your badge? What to pack? Directions to the hotel? Check out the BlogHer '13 Conference Guide to get the answers to all of these questions and more! ...more
So sorry I can't be at the Blogher conference this year.  Hope to be there  in 2014!more

BlogHer Bound! Now What to Pack?

I can't tell you how excited I am to be heading off to BlogHer in Chicago this week! First of all I was born there, so returning to my roots is always a plus, and secondly I'm looking forward to meeting SO many wonderful and talented bloggers!Per usual, my biggest issue with jet-setting is the dilemma of, "What in the world do I pack?" I reached out to BlogHer attendees asking for tips, since I'm a rookie, and I got some great feedback....more

I Owe Who I Am to Queen Latifah

Allow me to express the indescribable joy I felt upon learning that Queen Latifah will be at BlogHer '13 hosting the Voices of the Year Community Keynote. I literally squealed with joy and became teary-eyed. She is the primary reason I am a Black Feminist. ...more
@Lisa Stone I'm so excited for this show, Lisa. You don't even know!!!   Thank you for your ...more

The Definitive Guide to Packing for #BlogHer13

OK, so the title of this blog post might be a bit presumptuous.Does going to my very first BlogHer conference last year in New York make me an expert on packing for the event?Probably not. But I’m a practical girl, and I thought I’d throw my advice out into the blogosphere as we get closer to the big event in Chicago.You know, because there aren’t any other bloggers writing about BlogHer ’13 right now....more
@NurseBarb Thanks, Barb. Unfortunately, I won't be participating in the HealthMinder Day. Hope ...more

Best BlogHer '13 Advice Posts We've Seen

The BlogHer '13 conference is coming up quickly (Eep! Just a few days!?!), and as usual, we've been seeing many of you sharing both smart questions and great advice on your blogs. So we decided to start rounding some of the best and most useful posts we've seen. ...more
5 tips to make the most of the precious toddler years ...more