Strawberry Rhubarb...and Bacon?

I grew up in the 1970s where at the time the going culture was to add "in bed" to the end of every sentence....more

BlogHer Conferences Weekly Update - - May 25, 2012

Happy weekend friends! And for our US friends, we hope you enjoy a long weekend in honor of Memorial Day. There is lots to share, so I am going to jump in. First and foremost - - BlogHer Food '12 in Seattle is SOLD OUT!...more
Woohoo for BlogHer Food being sold out!more

What Did You Learn at a Previous BlogHer Food Conference?

In two weeks, food bloggers and lovers from all over will gather in Seattle for BlogHer Food '12. It's hard to believe it's really almost here! The excitement is continuing to build among our attendees and speakers, and we're getting excited right along with you. This week, for our bite-sized interview question with some of our speakers, I decided to ask a question that might be in the minds of people who have never attended a BlogHer Food conference before: What's something you have learned at a previous BlogHer Food conference?...more

BlogHer Food Speakers: Authors and Their Books, Part Two

Yesterday we brought you a Baker's Dozen of BlogHer Food speakers and their published books. Today we're bringing you another dozen -- 12 great speakers and their numerous works. You might not be able to read all of these books and make all of the amazing recipes in the cookbooks before BlogHer Food '12, but you do have time to grab a few. ...more
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BlogHer Food Speakers: Authors and Their Books, Part One

You don't need to wait 'til BlogHer Food in Seattle next month to start sampling the recipes and poring over the prose of the talented folks who'll be speaking there. They're all online, most of them via their own blogs, which you can find on the speakers' pages here.But did you know that between them, this year's BlogHer Food speakers have also published over fifty books? That's not counting the contributions many have made to other cookbooks, and the books that they're in the process of -- forgive me -- cooking up....more

BlogHer Conferences Weekly Update - - May 18, 2012

Happy Weekend! The forbidden countdown to BlogHer Food '12 in Seattle has started and we are only three weeks away from our 4th Annual food event!  We have a great event in store for you and here are just some of the highlights:...more
So excited to meet fellow BlogHer bloggers. See you in three weeks!more

A Few BlogHer Food Speakers Dish On Their Favorite Seattle Food Spots

The countdown to BlogHer Food '12 continues and so does our series of interviews with our amazing speakers. This week I asked the question that I know is on everyone's mind: What's your favorite food spot in Seattle? We asked some speakers who live in and around the Seattle area, of course. I also phrased it as such -- food spot -- in case someone wanted to give some outside-the-box food places in their recommendations. I was right to do that and you'll have to read on to see why....more
I took my nephew and his family to Mashiko tonight based on this recommendation and it was ...more

BlogHer Food '12 Airport Shuttle: How to Get from the Airport to the Hotel

BlogHer Food '12 Conference Ticket -- √Airplane Ticket -- √Hotel Reservation -- √Transportation to the hotel -- ☐Do you still need to check transportation off of your list? ...more
Thanks! I just about to ask my BlogHer buddy if she'd like to split the one way $45 taxi ride ...more

The BlogHer Food '12 Conference Guide

Have questions about the BlogHer Food '12 conference? Where to pick up your badge? What to pack? Directions to the hotel? Check out the BlogHer Food '12 Conference Guide to get the answers to all of these questions and more! BlogHer Conference Guides are consistently rated as the number one resource to prepare for our conferences year after year, so you definitely want to download this to your desktop or mobile device....more
I'm here and having a great time! TheFearlessCookingClub.Wordpress.commore

Conference Corner: Add Yourself to the BlogHer Food Attendee Page

Whether you're attending BlogHer Food in Seattle as an attendee, a speaker, a sponsor, or a party guest, you're in for one amazing weekend of food, fun, inspiration, and, of course, networking. While you're sending your business cards off to the printers and practicing your handshake in the mirror, BlogHer is helping you get a jump start on your networking with our Attendee Page for BlogHer Food....more
@jennyonthespot Yay! (Sorry went to sleep early) I'm SO excited to meet you, will look for you ...more