What I learned from my year in business: Don’t give up, Ever!

I decided to start at the top and work my way up.Sometimes things don’t work that way. Let me explain: I decided to make beautiful...more

Repurposed Twin Bed For Pets

My oldest daughter recently got a new bed so i was trying to figure out what to do with her old one. after a while i decided to try to repurpose it for our little Shih tzu "Rocky" In the hopes that if he had his own bed then maybe he'd stay out of our bed at night....more

Infinity Boho Animal Print Circle Loops Scarfs are so Trendy for 2013

You can refer to them as infinity looks or ring scarves however in the fashion world the unique accessory for 2013 fall and winter is referred to as a "loop." Infinity Boho Scarf & Indie Vintage Silver Cuff Accents...more

A handmade Wedding

Here are some pictures of my wedding from June 12, 2012! It had a fun vintage feel, and almost everything was handmade by me! ...more
This is just all too cute for words.more

Creative License

Today….I’m gonna talk to Y’all about the creative process….no pictures….just words.Yesterday I was visiting with a dear….very creative friend of mine (Cheryl Lewis). I was telling her how certain members of my family just didn’t “get it”….She’s really creative in her own right….and when she tells me something….I really respect it. She inspired me to write this....more

BlogHer Conference Update - - December 9, 2011

Happy weekend everyone -- I hope this finds you well and gearing up to do as little as possible for the next two days. Thank you to all of you who joined us in both New York and San Francisco to officially kick off the holiday season, BlogHer style. A lot has happened since last weeks update so let's get busy......more

Coming out of the MLM closet

 HI All, So I just returned from my 2nd conference in 1 week. Last weekend I was in St Paul attending an AMAZING Conference call The Creative Connection /BlogHer Handmade. And this wekend I was in Anaheim for a Sujper, up and coming MLM company called NuCerity. Yes, I'm a big cheerleader for Home Based Businesses. NuCerity happens to be a "Skin Repair" company that has "The Worlds Only Breathable Masque". i've used it for 1 1/2  years . I wanted to look younger, Less stressed, and thanks to HD, It's not getting any easier!...more

BlogHer Handmade: A Dozen-Tweet Snapshot

BlogHer Handmade, a day celebrating the intersection of DIY/Craft and social media, kicked off the first day of The Creative Connection in St. Paul, Minnesota. Over a thousand tweets were flying in fast and furious. Here are just a dozen to give you a taste, but you can catch them all at #blogherhandmade and #tcce11. ...more
@SORR_Chicago Checking on the designer info from #BlogHerHandmade ~~ lorimore