ABA Therapist

ABA therapist in early intervention for special needs children focus on getting the children to learn life skills in order to be part of the society and curve some of the behaviors. The process start as soon as the child gets up from bed, a regular routine is very important and any changes can upset the child. He or she can communicate what he or she needs, and what he or she is avoiding or seeking....more


There are two new books hot off the press. The are awesome reads. You can get them on Amazon.com and Kindle. You are going to LOVE these books. The sequels are coming for both books. Here is a teaser about each book.Lost and Found ForverChase Donaldson is on his way to propose to the love of his life, Asher Germaine, when a thirtysecond news bulletin changes his life forever. The family business is severely compromised whenhis father, Chad Donaldson, is killed in a car accident in the company of a woman from the...more

few will make it threw

Donna L Hughes...more

Breath taking kiss

Donna L Hughes...more

To be true and honest with oneself

Donna L Hughes...more


     Aging never equalled fear for me.  As my friends got older and gasped in horror at the mounting years and numbers climbing, I thought that there was nothing to it really.  There was never a tombstone on my birthday cake... And even as a teen I felt that my 30's would be when I had my monumental years.  As though I would find my legs after twenty and no sooner.  Little did I know that in these years I would lose everything and find myself.     ...more

Hosta: my favorite plant...

 I don’t know about you, but all of the plants in my garden have a story…...more

A Mother's Day letter for my Mother-in-law

Heather texted me the other day, “It was ten years ago today, Mom….that Grandma died.”  I said, “I know…it has been a long time.”Mom Leitheuser,Sometimes it feels longer than ten years since you’ve been gone and other times it feels like yesterday. Your death hit me harder than I ever imagined it would and there are so many things that still remind me of you…I have been known to tear-up in the aisle of CVS at Easter time with a bag of starburst jelly beans in my hand…because they were your favorites....more

Planted Wishes for Mother

My love of flowers and gardening developed over time. When I was a kid, I couldn’t understand my mother and grandmother’s enthusiasm for all things ‘green.’ They would spend hours planting, transplanting and weeding—all tasks I saw as an unnecessary waste of time.As many of the lessons we learn from our mothers…they are not fully appreciated until much later in life, and so it was with gardening for me....more

Week two- Cultivate Beauty and Elegance with...Maple

…The garden beds are cleaned up, the weeds are pulled and I have fertilized. During the week, Don and I planted our first wish of this season: we planted a wish for beauty and elegance by planting a Red Sunset Maple Tree in the front yard.  As the years go by, it will shade us and dazzle us in the fall with its brilliant orange-red color…and alas, it will bring the wish of beauty and elegance to our lives....more